Bass Fishing Baits for Lake Hartwell

Lake Hartwell ranks as one of the top bass fishing lakes in the country. It is no wonder that so many championship bass fishing tournaments have been held on Lake Hartwell in the Greenville, South Carolina area. What makes Lake Hartwell so special? A lot of different factors vary into making Lake Hartwell so special. The big magnum Spotted Bass that live here, the clear water, the docks, the miles of shoreline, and the perfect structure. All of it adds up to being just a bass fishing factory and overall one of the best tournament lakes in South Carolina. In this blog we are going to explore a few different options tournaments anglers have when fishing Lake Hartwell in the springtime. Primarily we will be focusing on spinning rod applications and finesse fishing. Make sure to read to the bottom to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products help anglers fishing Lake Hartwell.

Lake Hartwell is a very deep Clearwater reservoir located in South Carolina. Anglers can do a number of different techniques in the springtime to catch the big Spotted Bass that live here. Anglers also have had tremendous success targeting the Largemouth Bass that live in Lake Hartwell. Throughout the year the best techniques that anglers can fish with on Lake Hartwell to be successful revolve around finesse applications. This not only can produce a large quantity of bites but can also produce the quality bites as well. In the springtime when the fish are up spawning for coming off the post-spawn, finesse applications are absolutely dynamite on Lake Hartwell. Yes, they’re still going to be some anglers that fish swimbaits and other power fishing techniques, however when anglers pick up a finesse rod on Lake Hartwell, they are increasing their chances for productivity during a tournament.  

The first technique that shines very well on Lake Hartwell is a shaky head. A shaky head consists of a weighted jig head with a finesse worm attached to it. Many shaky heads have screw locks so anglers can screw the worm into the head of the bait and then hook it weedless. Other shaky heads have a lead keeper in the molding of the head itself which anglers can thread a worm onto it and hold it to the jig head. Regardless of what shaky head anglers use, it allows anglers to fish it and keep the worm up off the bottom giving it a very natural presentation to the Largemouth Bass and Spotted Bass that live in Lake Hartwell. Fishing a shaky head is probably the most popular technique on Lake Hartwell when finesse fishing. It is a technique that anglers can fish shallow, off points, around brush piles, and out deep. Typically, anglers are fishing worms that are between 4- and 6- inches on a shaky head. Colors that anglers should consider on Lake Hartwell are green pumpkin, green pumpkin/blue, watermelon, watermelon candy, and other natural colors that show up well in the clear water of Lake Hartwell.  

Next is a dropshot, which is probably the most dominant technique for catching big Spotted Bass around the country. A drop shot is no new technique to finesse anglers. It consists of a hook attached to the line above a weight. This is an exceptional technique for targeting suspended fish in Lake Hartwell. It also is a finesse application that gives a lot of action to the bait when fished correctly. A drop shot is exceptional one fish around brush piles and suspended fish. The best way to fish dropshot is to give little action to the line and the rod that creates a dancing action for the bait. This creates a very irresistible action for the fish, and also because the bait is above the actual weight, it appears more in front of their face creating a higher percentage opportunity for bites. Again, anglers are throwing finesse worms on a dropshot. Typically, anglers will throw between a 3- and 4-inch worm and in natural color patterns that mimic the baitfish or show up very naturally in the clear water of Lake Hartwell.  

The last finesse technique that dominates on Lake Hartwell, and what many anglers consider their favorite, is fishing a wacky worm. A wacky worm consists of a Cinco style bait rigged with a circle hook in the middle of the worm. Because vacuum is regular middle of the worm, it creates a very erratic action when falling through the water column. Many anglers refer to this as “dancing” as it falls through the water column. This action is very irresistible to the Spotted Bass and Largemouth Bass that live in Lake Hartwell, and because of the slow fall it creates an easy meal for the fish. This is a dominant technique in the springtime on Lake Hartwell because in the month of March and April there will be several fish up shallow getting ready for the spawn or actually spawning. This technique is very irresistible to the fish and can create many bites throughout the day. The beauty of a wacky warm is it can be fished shallow, deep, off points, along bluff walls, and exceptionally shines around docks. There is no wrong way to fish a wacky worm and many anglers have caught good bags in tournaments throwing a wacky worm all day long. 

How CBD Helps Anglers

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