Bass Fishing Baits on Lake Percy Priest

Lake Percy Priest in Tennessee is a lake many tournament anglers probably have never heard of. However, this lake offers a very diverse opportunity for anglers fishing the Choo Choo Division of the Major League Fishing BFL series. Lake Percy Priest can be known as the “shake up” lake. Meaning it can be the lake a lot of anglers want to quit thinking about quickly, or the lake that come quickly become an angler’s favorite. Lake Percy Priest offers a very diverse opportunity for tournament anglers and fishes like many other major bass lakes in the state of Tennessee.  Make sure to read to the bottom to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products helps anglers fishing Lake Percy Priest.

Lake Percy Priest, like many other lakes in the state of Tennessee, has a great population of Largemouth Bass, offers a lot of shoreline with great structure and cover that will hold fish, an awesome source of baitfish, a little bit of stain in the water color, and a great opportunity for tournament anglers. In the month of April, Largemouth Bass in Lake Percy Priest will start moving up shallow thinking about the spawn. The majority of tournaments are done well on Lake Percy Priest with anglers still targeting the pre-spawn pattern for Largemouth Bass. So, angles that are throwing crankbaits, spinnerbaits, swimbaits, and other reaction baits will do very well on Lake Percy Priest in the springtime. 

When it comes to crankbait fishing on Lake Percy Priest anglers are going to want to relate to areas such as main-lake points, secondary points, and anywhere close to the river channel. These provide great ambush points and holding structures for baitfish. This will intern attract the Largemouth Bass that live in Lake Percy Priest because they are chasing bait and feeding up before wanting to go shallow and spawn. So, if an angler can find some of these areas leading into spawning flats or spawning coves, it is absolute money for a tournament anglers fishing Lake Percy Priest in the month of April. Anglers are going to want to fish crankbaits anywhere between two and 6 feet and be constantly bumping the rock and structure. Because of the little bit of stain in Lake Percy Priest, anglers are going to want to relate to crawfish pattern crankbaits. Crankbaits that have red, orange, green pumpkin, brown, or other crawfish relating colors will be a great choice when crankbait fishing on Lake Percy Priest in the month of April.  Anglers will also want to have on the deck and the same type of diving crankbait, but in a bright chartreuse with a black back color patten. This is just another color variation to show the Largemouth Bass in Lake Percy Priest to try and get a few extra bites throughout the day.  

Spinnerbaits are also going to be a top choice for tournament anglers on Lake Percy Priest. Spinnerbaits give off a lot of flash, mimic the bait fish that live in Lake Percy Priest, and are just an all-around fish catcher in the state of Tennessee. Anglers will want to fish white and chartreuse color skirt patterns on spinnerbaits that show up well in the stained water of Lake Percy Priest. Double willow leaf blades work well when fishing on this Tennessee lake, however some anglers have had success relating to colorado blades on their spinnerbaits. The more stained the water, the more anglers will want to relate to colorado blades on the spinnerbait because it provides a lot more turbulence in the water which will attract the attention better from the Largemouth Bass. Solid white pattern skirts are also great to fish in Lake Percy Priest in the month of April. Anglers are going to want to fish spinnerbaits around the same areas they want to a crankbait, but with a little bit more wood and cover in the water. The more cover and structure that can hold Largemouth Bass, the more bites anglers will experience throughout a tournament day.  Other factors that angers will want to look for when fishing a spinnerbait is when fishing areas holding a lot of baitfish. Because a spinnerbait gives off so much flash that resembles flickering baitfish, fishing and spinnerbait around areas that have bait will create more reaction strikes from the Largemouth Bass in Lake Percy Priest. 

The last bait that gets a lot of great reaction strikes in the month of April on Lake Percy Priest many anglers do not talk about, is a buzzbait. Even though water temperatures are still cold, and the Largemouth Bass are still moving up to spawn and holding in their prespawn pattern, A buzzbait will still shine. On the days where there is little wind and bright sunny conditions, in the afternoon anglers on Lake Percy Priest can pick up a black buzzbait and fish it in shaded areas of Lake Percy Priest and have tremendous luck. These areas consist of the backs of coves and pockets that have a lot of shade from trees overhead. As the sunny day progresses, water temperature will begin to rise, which will attract the Largemouth Bass in Lake Percy Priest to go up shallow. A buzzbait gives off a lot of water displacement on the surface and create some of the most vicious reactions bites anglers will ever experience. The water displacement from a buzzbait on the surface of the water looks almost identical to baitfish flickering on the surface of the water. This is something that Largemouth Bass will be attracted to and become very aggressive toward. Again, anglers are going to want to fish a buzzbait in the afternoon and in areas that are holding a large population of baitfish. Also, it is hard to get this technique to work during cloudy days and cooler temperatures. 
These are just a few of the techniques that anglers can utilize when fishing in the month of April on Lake Percy Priest. Lake Percy Priest is also known for its large population of big stripers. Lake Percy Priest may not have the hype like other lakes in the area, but it definitely can become a favorite among anglers fishing in the state of Tennessee. 

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