Bass Fishing Hot Spots on Lake Mitchell, Alabama

When tournament bass anglers think about the great state of Alabama, they think about common lakes such as Lake Guntersville, Lake Wheeler, and Lay Lake. But, another lake that holds its own when it comes to tournament bass fishing and has a good population of Spotted Bass is Lake Mitchell. Lake Mitchell hasn’t seen very many tournaments; however, it has produced very good weights in the tournaments that have been there. For the Major League Fishing anglers fishing the BFL tournament on Lake Mitchell in the Bama Division, this could turn out to be a very solid tournament where many big bags will be weighed in with solid magnum Spotted Bass. Also, make sure to read to the bottom to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products help anglers fishing Lake Mitchell.

In this blog, we are going to focus on springtime fishing on Lake Mitchell and targeting the big Spotted Bass that live there. A lot of what this blog will cover will focus on fishing for Spotted Bass relating to wood. Whether this is brush piles throughout the lake, lay downs that tournament anglers will find along the banks of Lake Mitchell, or stumps located in Lake Mitchell; a prime area to target for magnum Spotted Bass here is going to be areas relating to wood. 

How to Fish for Spotted Bass on Lake Mitchell

During practice for tournaments on Lake Mitchell in the springtime, anglers should spend some of their time looking for brush piles located throughout Lake Mitchell. With the days getting longer, and the water temperature starting to rise, anglers will want to look for brush piles relating to areas close to spawning pockets on the lake. This could be around main-lake points, secondary points, and river channel areas leading into the back of spawning pockets. The key is to find the areas on Lake Mitchell that have good cover and a shallow water area in the back of it. This is where the Spotted Bass are going to position themselves in the springtime when getting ready to move up for the spawn.  Anglers focusing on these deeper brush piles will want to be armed with Alabama Rigs and jigs. In the springtime the magnum Spotted Bass that live in Lake Mitchell will be concentrating on feeding aggressively and planning for the upcoming spawn. And there is no better bait to replicate that than the Alabama Rig. Since the induction of the Alabama Rig, it has really shine on lakes throughout the country that have a great population of big Spotted Bass, and Lake Mitchell is no exception in the state of Alabama. Tournaments anglers on Lake Mitchell will also want to have a big football head jig on the deck of the boat to follow up the Alabama Rig when fishing brush piles. Once an angler catches a few fish off of a brush pile, sometimes they will shut down and not react to the bait going over their head any longer. This is where the jig really shines. A tournament angler can pick up a football head jig and throw it right into the heart of that brush pile and get the big spotted bass to fire up again. This results in a few bonus bites throughout the tournament. 

Next is wood that is in the form of laydowns along the banks of Lake Mitchell. This is very common to find, as trees often die and fall over into the lake creating a great habitat for the Spotted Bass in Lake Mitchell. During the springtime rains when the water comes up very quickly, anglers will also find wood debris that is floated into the back of the pockets of Lake Mitchell. Anglers will again want to have a jig on the deck of the boat to fish this different kind of wood in Lake Mitchell, but they will want to have a flipping jig or finesse jig. If an angler chooses a flipping jig, they will want to choose a smaller weight such as a 3/8 ounce. Color all depends on water clarity in Lake Mitchell. If the angler is fishing a clear part of the lake, they will want to relate to more natural color such as brown and green pumpkin. However, if they are fishing a dirty part of the lake they will want to relate to black and blue or black and red because these two color combinations show up better to the fish in the dirty water of Lake Mitchell. However, the jig only acts as a secondary bait for fishing this specific type of wood. Anglers will want to run the banks and fish these areas with lay down wood with a crankbait. A crankbait is very effective search bait and is a very good reaction bait for Spotted Bass living in Lake Mitchell. Anglers that relate to crawfish color patterns are likely to be very successful. Crawfish live in the rocky banks  and relate directly to wood if it is available.  

The last focus on fishing wood In Lake Mitchell in the springtime, is areas with a lot of flooded trees and stumps. Anglers may not find many of these areas on Lake Mitchell, however they are still available for tournament anglers to fish, and definitely hold big Spotted Bass in the springtime on Lake Mitchell. Anglers will want to relate to more reaction baits when they’re fishing these areas. Although a crankbait is another great choice as previously mentioned, a chatterbait and a spinnerbait shine really well in these areas. Sometimes anglers will even pick up swimbaits to throw at the Spotted Bass relating to these areas on Lake Mitchell. One key tip for the anglers fishing these areas of wood, is to bump the chatterbait or spinnerbait into the wood giving it a deflection which creates a reaction strike. Again, color options relate to how dirty the water is that the area that the angler is fishing on Lake Mitchell. In clear water they will want to relate to more green pumpkin and natural shad colors. Whereas in dirty water, they will want to fish brighter chartreuse and white color patterns so that the fish can see them better. On a cloudy day and dirty water, anglers have had success throwing black and blue on Lake Mitchell as well to catch big Spotted Bass. 
These are just a few ideas for anglers to prepare themselves for one fishing Lake Mitchell in the springtime. Not all anglers want to fish wood, however running wood has been very successful for tournaments on Lake Mitchell in Alabama in the past. Like many other lakes, Lake Mitchell can bring strong weights of Spotted Bass for tournament anglers fishing there in the springtime. 

How CBD Helps Anglers

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