Bass Fishing Lures for Lake Grenada, Mississippi

In the springtime, lakes are starting to go through a lot of transitions as the weather warms up and the days get longer. With this change in weather, comes the movement of Largemouth Bass through the entire country. When lake temperatures start getting into the low 50s and daylight hours start getting longer, that’s when the Largemouth Bass will start heavily feeding and preparing to make their way to transition areas for the spawn. As the water warms, fish will start getting shallower and eventually after a couple of full moon phases they will be seen cruising the shallows and locked on to bed. Lake Grenada in Mississippi is no exception to this theory and in the month of April anglers fishing here can really focus on whatever pattern they like to fish the most and be successful. Some anglers will be fishing fast and throwing reaction baits, others will be slowing down and throwing finesse presentations. In this blog, we are going to focus on tournaments that take place on Lake Grenada in Mississippi for the month of April and some of the techniques anglers can focus on in tournaments. Make sure to read to the bottom to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products help anglers bass fishing Lake Grenada.

The first big structure in Lake Grenada that holds Largemouth Bass consistently through the lake is rocky points and riprap. Rip Rap is man-made rock banks that are often found along sea walls and bridges. They can consist of small gravel rock and sand, but also can be comprised of bigger chunk rock also. The bigger the rock the better the rip rap is, because the bigger rock holds more heat and warms the water around this area quicker. Fishing the rip rap, many angles are going to be relating to reaction style baits and fishing very quickly. However, some anglers will slow down and flip creature baits and jigs into the rocks. This may sound crazy, but there have been several angles that have been successful in Lake Grenada flipping rock. This can be a technique that requires a lot of patience because anglers will lose many baits throughout the day as they get hung up in the cracks and crevices of the rock. For the most part, tournament anglers fishing Lake Grenada in the month of April will be targeting riprap with squarebill crankbaits and jerkbaits, also some spinnerbaits to catch their fish in tournaments. 

The first way to target the rip rap on Lake Grenada in Mississippi is with a squarebill crankbait. This is just all around one of the best baits to throw around rip rap. The square lip design on a squarebill gives it a lot of deflection power, which resembles a fleeing baitfish in the water and will create very successful reaction bites from the Largemouth Bass relating to the riprap in the month of April. Because of the stain in the water on Lake Grenada, anglers will often use a squarebill crankbait that drives anywhere between 2 to 5 feet of water and a color pattern that relates to brighter colors. This is often chartreuse and yellow with black back, a shad pattern with some yellow chartreuse mixed into the color pattern, and even red which resemble the crawfish to live in Lake Grenada. The key to being successful with this technique is to make multiple casts along the riprap, and sometimes multiple casts at the same target the same section of rip rap. Anglers will want to parallel their boat to the rip rap banks and fish slowly.  

The next bait that is very dominant with fishing rip rap in Lake Grenada, Mississippi; is a jerkbait. A jerkbait is a lure that every tournament angler needs to have on the deck of the boat in the springtime no matter what conditions are or what the water clarity is. A jerkbait resembles the dying baitfish in every like across the country and can trigger bites from both just keeper size Largemouth Bass, all the way up to the 4 to 6 pounders that live in Lake Grenada. The key is to feather the jerkbait rather than jerk it violently and almost create a finesse approach to the retrieve of a jerkbait. Color patterns for jerkbaits, which are similar to the squarebill pattern, anglers will want to relate to color patterns that have some sort of chartreuse mixed into a shad pattern. This is so it shows up better in the dirty water and the Largemouth Bass in Lake Grenada can target it easily. 

Finally, let’s talk about flipping the rock in Lake Grenada along the rip rap. Again, this is a technique that requires a lot of patience because tournament anglers are going to lose several baits doing this throughout the day. Anglers fishing Texas-rigged soft plastics will want to relate to creature baits and smaller style worms. Mostly anglers that are fishing riprap in the month of April will be throwing creature bait soft plastics. This is because they resemble very similar to the crawfish and the lizards that often expose themselves when the water temperature is warming up in the month of April.  But many angles are going to be flipping a big jig into the riprap. This is a great way to create a reaction strike, and resemble the crawfish that live in Lake Grenada, Mississippi. Because of the dirty water in Lake Grenada, anglers will often be using black and blue which is a color that shows up well in the dirty water. However, some anglers are still going to relate to the more natural colors such as brown and green pumpkin, and then mix in several strands of bright orange skirt material with their jig skirt. This is going to resemble the crawfish in Lake Grenada in the springtime as they often have a lot of orange in their pinchers and on their body. The key to flipping the rock and the rip rap in Lake Grenada is to slow way down. Anglers are going to literally want to fish every crevice and every crack they can find along the rip rap. Anglers never know which crack or crevice is the one that is holding a good tournament Largemouth Bass. 
This is just one of the primary techniques and a few of the baits to be effective with fishing in April on Lake Grenada in Mississippi. Rip rap is always a key element to every lake across the country in the springtime, and many anglers fishing tournaments will start to practice on riprap and see where the fish are positioning themselves along the bank. 

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