Bass Fishing on Lake Oconee

Right outside of Atlanta, and in the heart of Georgia lies another southern bass fishing lake known to be a favorite among anglers during tournament season. Lake Oconee is a smaller bass fishing reservoir but is full of big bass like other lakes in Georgia. The thing that separates Lake Oconee from the rest of the lakes in Georgia, is that Oconee seems to have more points, and the docks on the lake set up better to holding fish. What is this a recipe for? An unbelievable springtime pattern, especially for anglers that love to fish docks. Even the finesse anglers can find themselves having a phenomenal time on Lake Oconee, as the water is clear and very deep. Make sure to read to the bottom to find out How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products help anglers fishing Lake Oconee.

Dock Fishing in Early Sring

Before we get too deep into talking about Lake Oconee in Georgia, let’s talk about why docks are such good areas to fish in the early spring. Docks have it all when it comes to bass fishing. They can produce warmer water, plenty of cover, structure, shade lines, and generally have big brush piles at the bottom of them. They also can create a current break if they set up near the river channel. These are all things anglers are looking for in the springtime when fishing bass tournaments. So, it’s no coincidence on Lake Oconee anglers are primarily fishing docks to try and win the tournaments. But what is the right way to fish docks in the springtime on Lake Oconee? Is there really a wrong way, or is it up to the individual angler on how to fish docks the docks on Lake Oconee? The answer is simple: each angler is going to fish a dock differently. Just like anything else in bass fishing, every angler does it a little bit different from the next angler. However, let’s talk about ways to improve your strategy when fishing docks. 

Selecting Your Bait

The first is bait selection. Many anglers love to fish shad mimicking baits along docks, and others like to fish bluegill imitating baits along docks. For Lake Oconee, there is a high population of shad. So, anglers will want to mimic the whiter, shad patterns with their baits. Baits such a swimbaits, jerkbaits, or flukes are always a great selection when fishing docks in the springtime on Lake Oconee. When the water is colder in early spring, the shad tend to have a hard time swimming and will die when the water is too cold.  So, a slow retrieve of a swimbait, or the darting-falling action of a jerkbait or fluke, will mimic exactly what the big Largemouth Bass in Lake Oconee are feeding on. These are great baits for fishing high in the water column right next to the dock. But some anglers want to target fish that are relating to the brush piles underneath the docs. There are many different baits an angler can use to do this, but with Lake Oconee being such a deep lake, a finesse presentation seems to get more bites. In the early spring, throwing a shaky head is definitely a high percentage bait to fish in tournaments on Lake Oconee. Also, anglers have the opportunity to catch many fish, but still have great chances of catching bigger fish also. Soft plastic colors for a shaky head are pretty easy on Lake Oconee, anything that’s watermelon or green pumpkin are solid choices. The more translucent colors seem to work the best in Lake Oconee because of how clear it is. 

One other additional tip to fishing the docks on Lake Oconee, is anglers have generally done the best when they fish docks relating to deeper water. So, docks that are near bluff walls or rocky edges that fall into deep water, or into the river channel, seem to always produce the best results. This is probably because of the current flow going through the river channel, which usually carries with it a lot of schools of bait. And when you have bait, usually the bass are not too far away. 

How CBD Helps Anglers

When fishing Lake Oconee, the one thing to make sure you have aboard is the Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Salve Stick. Packed full of 250mg of CBD, this unscented cream is perfect for targeting specific areas of inflammation and discomfort. If you experience joint pain during fishing while casting and reeling, this salve stick will be the perfect supplement to target the inflammation right at the site. All of our Premium CBD products are broad-spectrum meaning that they contains all of the good pieces of the hemp plant, but with no THC. Moreover, this means that our products are worker-friendly. To ensure this, you can scan the QR code on your product to instantly pull up the third-party lab testing results for your specific product.

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