Bass Fishing Tournaments on Greers Ferry Lake, Arkansas

In the north central part of Arkansas is a little hidden gem for bass fishing, known as Greers Ferry Lake. Greers Ferry Lake does not get as much attention in the state of Arkansas for tournament bass fishing as it deserves. However, it has accounted for some big bags in the springtime and is another lake in the state of Arkansas where anglers can have a variation of Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass, and Smallmouth Bass. Greers Ferry Lake in the state of Arkansas is really known for its Smallmouth Bass population. In this blog we are going to discuss fishing tournaments on Greers Ferry Lake in the springtime, and tournaments that are right around the spawn. For the anglers that love to power-finesse fish Greers Ferry Lake this time of year, this is going to be the blog for you. Make sure to read to the bottom to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products help anglers fishing Greers Ferry Lake.

Swimbaits on Greers Ferry Lake in the springtime around the spawn is a dynamite way to catch big bags in tournaments. There are a couple different variations of swimbaits that anglers like to throw on Greers Ferry Lake in the springtime, but all of them work very well and are a very appealing to the most aggressive bass around the spawn. Anglers have had great success throwing both hard body swimbaits and soft bodied swimbaits on Greers Ferry Lake in the springtime. Another useful tip is to always have a bait that you can follow up with when the fish show themselves but will not commit into biting. However, swimbaits on Greers Ferry Lake in Arkansas can produce some of the most vicious strikes an angler will ever experience and can account for a kicker fish in the tournament.  

To start out with when thinking about hard body swimbaits, anglers will want to look at the non-traditional swimming swimbaits. Traditional swimbaits swim through the water almost identical to a bait fish or a bluegill going through the water. However, the new glide style swimbaits on the market today seem to get better reaction from the fish in deep clear reservoirs such as Greers Ferry Lake in the state of Arkansas. Instead of the traditional swimming action, these baits glide back and forth and have a very wide side-to-side action. This covers more water, but also triggers a different reaction to the fish because it is something non-traditional that they have seen. It also mimics a baitfish going through the water that is not nervous, meaning it resembles the baitfish that are just searching around and swimming in a location. When baitfish are more relaxed, not swimming in a very nervous motion, this is a lot easier meal for aggressive bass. Anglers will want to throw hard body swimbaits on heavy fluorocarbon and heavier rods. The best set up for throwing swimbaits and glidebaits on Greers Ferry Lake is with a shorter heavier rod. The shorter rod allows for more accurate casting. And with anglers fishing around docks, lay downs, and whatever structure is around the spawning pockets of Greers Ferry Lake; the more accurate the cast the better chance of getting bites.  

The second style of swimbaits anglers throw on Greers Ferry Lake in the springtime around the spawn is soft body swimbaits. This is the more popular of the styles of swimbaits among anglers in the state of Arkansas. They also account for a few more actual commitments from the bass in Greers Ferry Lake. With traditional soft body swimbaits, the action is a little more accurate and impressive to the bass. This means it becomes more natural in the water than a hard body swimbait that often leads to fish following the bait but not committing to biting. With a soft body swimbait, anglers will either throw these swimbaits that are pre-rigged with treble hooks, or swimbaits that require a weedless swimbait hook. Both work very well on Greers Ferry Lake. The soft body swimbaits that are pre-rigged typically swim a little higher in the water column and can be fished a little shallower. This is deadly during the spawn time of the year in the springtime on Greers Ferry Lake, because the fish are up shallow spawning or getting ready to spawn. But for the anglers that want to throw a soft bodied swimbait with a weedless swimbait hook, this still works very well and can be fished around thicker cover and around structure on Greers Ferry Lake.  

Lastly, another bait anglers are going to want to be armed with when fishing in the springtime around the spawn on Greers Ferry Lake and throwing mainly swimbaits, is a follow-up bait. The majority of fish that are following swimbaits on Greers Ferry Lake are only interested in the bait but may not necessarily commit to biting the swimbait. This is where anglers will be able to see the fish but will need a secondary technique to throw in and entice getting the bite. A soft plastic jerkbait, or a fluke, is a great way to go ahead and entice following bass on Greers Ferry Lake into biting. Anglers will want to rig the soft plastic jerkbait weightless on an EWG style hook. Many anglers will throw a soft plastic jerkbait on a spinning rod. This works very well; however, when anglers are fishing up shallow for fish that are in the stages of the spawn, they will want to throw a little heavier tackle because of the brush and structure in Greers Ferry Lake. Color options here really do not matter; however, anglers will still want to stick with either bluegill colors such as watermelon or watermelon red, or shad colors such as pearl or pro blue.  
These are just another few helpful tips to having a successful springtime tournament on Greers Ferry Lake. Springtime is absolutely the best time to fish tournaments on Greers Ferry Lake and capture the big bags that can be caught around the spawn. 

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