Best Baits for Bass Fishing on Wheeler Lake, Alabama

Wheeler Lake, in the state of Alabama, is like any of the other bass fishing tournament lake in the state of Alabama, it can produce really big bags and is host to a lot of tournaments. It may not get the attention like other lakes in the state of Alabama; however, it will hold its own and many tournament anglers consider Wheeler Lake their absolute favorite. In this blog, we are going to discover how to fish Wheeler Lake in the spawn and post-spawn time of year. Also known as one of the best times to go to Wheeler Lake. Make sure to read to the bottom to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products help anglers fishing Wheeler Lake.

One common starting spot that tournament anglers need to consider when fishing Wheeler Lake is the wood. Fishing wood is no new technique to tournament anglers; however, it is a technique that all anglers can relate to and be very successful at when broken down and finished different ways. Fishing on Wheeler Lake in the spawn and post-spawn is going to produce some of the better results for tournament anglers. There are several different techniques that anglers can use on Wheeler Lake when fishing tournaments happening in the month of April and May. This also really shines when Wheeler Lake has experienced some of the springtime rains and the water level is up and has a little more stain to it. 
The first step is for tournament anglers to identify the right wood areas to fish throughout Wheeler Lake for a tournament. Anytime an angler can find brush that is relating to a secondary point or transition area into a spawning pocket, that area is definitely going to hold fish. Wood creates a lot of cover for Largemouth Bass that live in Wheeler Lake. So, this is just a natural home for the Largemouth Bass to get into that tournament anglers need to target. Wood that has collected in the back of coves because of rising water conditions after a rain can be exceptional also. And then lay down throughout Wheeler Lake from fallen over trees is also a great target for Largemouth Bass to group up in during the month of April and May.  

Baits selection is not necessarily hard but there are a few things that tournaments anglers need to be mindful of for being successful when fishing wood. The first set up that all tournament anglers are going to reach down and grab for fishing wood is something to flip. This is going to consist of creature baits or jigs 99% of the time. In the post-spawn and in the late spring there is not really one flipping technique that outweighs the other. It comes down to the preference of the tournament angler. For a flipping jig, many anglers will pick up a 1/2oz or 3/8oz sized flipping jig. Dark colors such as black and blue, or black and brown, work the best and tipped with a crawfish style trailer. The same goes for a creature bait if an angler chooses to flip that instead of a jig. Darker colors like black and blue, black, or green pumpkin are going to be very successful when flipping. Some anglers prefer beaver style creature baits to flip that have very little action, and other anglers prefer creature baits that have a lot of tentacles and legs creating a lot of action when it falls through the wood. 

The second bait that anglers can utilize for fishing wood on Wheeler Lake, and falls into the power fishing category, is a spinnerbait. Fishing a spinnerbait is one of the most successful techniques tournament anglers can do in the springtime. A Spinnerbait creates a lot of flash, it mimics the baitfish swimming around and Wheeler Lake, and has been catching big Largemouth Bass in the state of Alabama for decades. Typically, anglers fishing Wheeler Lake in the late spring and post-spawn time of year will want to throw a bigger spinnerbait with bigger willow leaf blades that mimic the larger size of baitfish in Wheeler Lake. Color choices all depend on the water clarity. If Wheeler Lake has been getting a lot of rain and the water is dirty, anglers will want to relate to white and bright chartreuse colored skirts on the spinnerbait. If the water is cleaner, then anglers will want to fish spinnerbaits with more natural color skirts that relate to bait fish colors such as mouse or smokey shad. 

The last bait that tournament anglers on Wheeler Lake will want to consider in the arsenal for fishing wood is a wacky worm. This is going to be a little bit more dangerous because this does require lighter tackle and fished as a finesse presentation. Around wood, fish will typically wrap an angler’s line around the wood they were relating to. This is difficult for tournament anglers because the potential to breaking their line increases when fishing a wacky worm. However, on days that the fish seem to be biting slow or anglers are having trouble getting bites on reaction baits; finesse presentations typically amount to a few extra bites throughout the day. 
These are just a few of the techniques that tournament anglers should consider on Wheeler Lake when fishing wood in the spawn and post-spawn time of year. Although there is a few other techniques that tournament anglers can utilize when fishing on Wheeler Lake, fishing wood is always going to give those anglers a chance at catching a big bag in the tournament. 

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