Best Fishing Spots on Lake Griffin

Harris Chain of Lakes in Florida is comprised of several different lakes within the chain. Some of the most popular is Harris Lake, Apopka Lake, and Beauclair. But, one lake not many anglers talk about is Lake Griffin. Lake Griffin is an exceptional lake on the Harris Chain of Lakes in the springtime and is known for producing numbers and quality bites. In this blog we are going to search more options on Lake Griffin within the Harris Chain of Lakes.  Make sure to read to the bottom to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products can help anglers fishing Lake Griffin.

Locking Through to Get to Lake Griffin

Probably one main negative about Lake Griffin on the Harris Chain of Lakes is the fact that many tournaments will launch out of Venetian Gardens in Harris Lake and will require having to lock through to get to Lake Griffin. This lock can be very tricky and cannot hold very many boats. So many anglers who are fishing bass tournaments on the Harris Chain of Lakes decide not to run to Lake Griffin because of the risk of the lock. However, those anglers that do deal with the lock, definitely put themselves in an opportunity to catch many numbers of Largemouth Bass in the Harris Chain of Lakes in Florida, but also the possibility of catching a quality bag as well.  

Offshore Fishing on Lake Griffin

Lake Griffin, like the other lakes on the Harris Chain of Lakes in Florida, is known to hold many Largemouth Bass. It has been known that if anglers want to catch the most amount of numbers throughout a tournament day, and still have the potential to snagging a quality bite, but they need to go to Lake Griffin. Although Lake Griffin is a phenomenal shallow water lake, like the other lakes in the Harris Chain of Lakes, Lake Griffin is a little bit different. For starters Lake Griffin is known as a lake where anglers will go offshore. This is to help replicate the natural shad movement in Lake Griffin. Generally speaking, anglers fishing Lake Griffin will move offshore and stay within big balls of bait. This is to deteriorate competition within the field and also still trying to maximize the best opportunity catch a big fish within the Harris Chain of Lakes in bass fishing tournaments. 
To first understand Lake Griffin, bass tournament anglers have to have a grasp on fishing offshore in the state of Florida. What it really comes down to is breaking down the grass and finding the right grass patches. The best grass to find is the moderately think grass with holes located within the grass bed and relating to the shoreline. This doesn’t mean the grass is on the shore, only that it’s not too far away from the bank. There are instances on Lake Griffin where fish can be caught in what seems like the middle of the in grass. This is probably most likely due to high spots or shell being close by, and this can really attract a lot of Largemouth Bass in Lake Griffin. This also attracts a lot of bait because it can provide them a lot of cover, also they are wanting to spawn themselves. And when the shad are spawning, the Largemouth Bass follow closely. So, the thickest grass is not what anglers are necessarily looking for in Lake Griffin. 

Bait Selection

Bait selection on Lake Griffin is relative to how anglers would fish anywhere else in Florida. A lipless crankbait, speed worm, and a spinnerbait are all very effective on Lake Griffin. Griffin has always proven to be a better reaction bait lake, and with these three choices, anglers cannot go wrong.  

Speed Worm Bait and The Best Colors

For the speed worm, anglers will want to choose a darker color such as Junebug or Black and Blue. For the best results, anglers will rig this bait with as light on a weight as they can. This is to help the bait swim in a more natural presentation. Anglers will have the most success if they are ticking the grass as they retrieve the speed worm back to the boat. Another tip is to always rig a speed worm with the tail pointed up.  

Lipless Crankbait

The lipless crankbait, or trap, anglers will want to throw shiny/ shad color trap and variate their different retrieves. This includes casting out and reeling it back to the boat, letting the trap fall into the grass and ripping it out, yo-yoing the bait, and fishing right along the bottom slowly also. This mimics the bait in Lake Griffin really well, and anglers will want to experiment with the different retrieves to find exactly what the fish will react to.  


And finally, a spinnerbait! A lot of anglers don’t really think about fishing a spinnerbait in Florida, but it can be deadly. A gold/ white skirt with gold willow leaf blades really mimics the shad in Lake Griffin amazingly; and with the Largemouth Bass feeding heavily on shad and the potential of a shad spawn happening, this only increases the opportunity for a strong spinnerbait bite. Fishing a spinnerbait bumping into the grass with slight twitches is also a really great way to trigger reaction bites on Lake Griffin.  

How CBD Helps Anglers

When fishing on Lake Griffin, make sure that you have your 25mg Premium CBD Softgels with you, Our softgels are one of our top-selling Premium CBD products due to our proprietary process. Our softgels stand out amongst our competitors due to the fact that they undergo an additional process known as nano-emulsion technology. This process breaks down the CBD molecules into the smaller pieces to be better absorbed by the body and take less time to go into effect.

If you’re new to CBD, you might have questions regarding dosing and how much CBD you should consume. As always, we recommend consulting with your doctor before ingesting anything additional to make sure that your health won’t be at risk. While there are no research that shows any harmful effects of CBD on the body, it’s better to be safe. We also recommend creating a journal to note how you’re feeling and track the amount of CBD you took. You can read more about getting started with CBD here.

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