Best Hunting Spots in Florida

If you’re new to Florida or planning a visit, you might be wondering where the best hunting spots are in the sunshine state. Depending on what game you hunt, there are various spots in Florida that you need to check out! We’ve laid out our favorite spots in no particular order below. Make sure to read to the bottom to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products help outdoorsmen.

Apalachicola National Forest

Located in the Florida Panhandle, this forest is just less than 600,000 acres. The best part is that you can easily navigate this area by the state road system. You’ll notice that this is one of the very popular hunting spots in Florida for beginners and novice hunters. Deer is in high supply in this region. 

Roberts Ranch

Looking to spend a little time on a guided hunt? This ranch offers a three-day guided hunt that includes wild hogs, turkey, and whitetail deer. Located in Palatka, it’s less than an hour’s drive east of Gainesville. 

Rutting in Florida 

Florida residents are among the most fortunate hunters in the South, in terms of hunting game on public hunting land. Additionally, buck rut through January and February in the Panhandle, the further west you get the later the rut. A handful of whitetails don’t even begin rutting until mid-February in the western part of the state. 

It’s important to note that the best buck hunting is available during the rut, this is due to the bucks being less cautious. Moreover, some spectacular bucks are collected annually from the Panhandle. Actually, some of the best whitetails available in Florida are collected from this region. Luckily, the state staggers deer hunting seasons in Florida according to large zones. The Panhandle, or Northwest Zone offers modern-firearms deer hunting from December 10th – February 19th; with a late primitive weapons season (muzzleloader and archery) in the same area running from February 20-26th. It’s for bucks only, for animals having at least one antler at least five inches long. The bag limit is two per day. Wild hogs are legal big game as well, and commonly harvested by deer hunters working hardwood river bottoms, which are the most choice beer habitat in the Panhandle. You can check out for details or check your regulation booklet. 

Top Hog Hunting Places

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has alerted that wild hog hunting opportunities are abundant throughout the state. Believe it or not, Florida wildlife is more than what’s in the ocean. If you’re a local, you know how diverse the wildlife in the state truly is! Florida has the second highest population of wild boar in the United States – over 500,000 and second to Texas. You can find and hunt wild boar in all 67 counties in Florida. Here are the best spots for hog hunting in the Sunshine State. 

  1. The North Central Region, which includes: Andrews, Flying Eagle, Big Bend Hickory Mound Unit, Big Bend Snipe Island Unit, Big Bend Tide Swamp Unit, Mallory Swamp, Steinhatchee Springs, and Devil’s Hammock.
  2. The Northwest Region, which includes: Aucilla, Blackwater Hutton Unit, Blackwater, Apalachicola Bradwell Unit, Choctawhatchee River and Joe Budd. 
  3. The Northeast Region, which includes: Tosohatchee, is considered to be the best hog area where hunters are allowed to use dogs. Taking a look at the sheer number of hogs taken, Three Lakes is typically the front-runner, followed by Tosohatchee, Triple N Ranch, Guana River, Bull Creek, Three Lakes Prairie Lakes Unit, and Fort Drum. 
  4. The Southwest Region, which includes: Green Swamp, Green Swamp West, Babcock/Webb, Chassahowitzka, Myakka State Forest, Dinner Island Ranch, J.W. Corbett, Dupuis, Okaloacoochee Slough, Allapattah Flats, and Hungryland. 

Top Small Game Hunting Places

If you’re looking to find small game, such as rabbit, squirrel, and dove, the Northwest Region, North Central Region, Northeast Region, and the South/Southwest Region are the best. 

Top Duck Hunting Places

Waterfowling in Florida is legal on most bodies of water with public access. Endless opportunities are provided along the coasts. However, Florida waterfowling is an inconsistent sport from year to year. The unpredictableness of the migrated affects the quality of hunting along with other factors. As you can imagine, weather takes a huge toll on the affects of hunting. Many ducks don’t bother making the journey to the north where it’s too warm, and too much rain causes the game to spread out. Due to this, it’s important to have a few spots to note to find the best options during any hunt. 

Merritt Island NWR

With over 140,000 acres of land – with over 36,000 dedicated to waterfowl hunting, Merritt Island serves as a habitat for migrating waterfowl. For many years, MINWR was considered a top destination until seawater encroachment damaged the vegetation where the migrating ducks relied. However, when the conditions are right, the waterfowl action at MINWR is great for hunters experiencing everything Florida has to offer. 

T.M. Goodwin WMA

This area encompasses 6,270 acres split between two different management areas – the T.M. Goodwin Unit and the Broadmoor Marsh Unit. T.M. Goodwin offers limited-entry hunts throughout the season. Similar to MINWR, hunters apply each Fall for permits. Successful applicants choose their hunting area on a map depending upon the order in which the permit was designated to the recipient. Hunts can use motorized boats under 40HP in specific hunting zones. If you happen to be unsuccessful in achieving your permit for T.M. Goodwin WMA, you’ll have access to Upper St. Johns WMA which is off of the same access road and holds tons of potential duck hunting possibilities. 

Lake Okeechobee

Filled with migrating waterfowl, there aren’t too many secrets these days on this lake. Airboats enjoy an easier time reaching low-traffic spots, however, hunters working outside the marshes will do fine. Blue-winged teal and ringers fill the majority of hunters’ bags. It’s all about timing on this lake, and being out there before the next guy. 

How CBD Helps Hunters

When hunting in Florida, you’ll be battling warmer weathers and other intense circumstances that you might endure while in the field. Therefore, make sure that you have the Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Cream in your pack. It’s unscented, so you don’t have to worry about scaring away the game and packed full of 250mg of CBD. Our CBD Cream targets inflammation right at the area of discomfort, simply pump onto the area and rub into the skin. Moreover, you can use the cream at any point day or night whenever inflammation occurs.

To Wrap It Up

Depending on where you’re located or visiting, you’ll find that the Sunshine State has tons of wildlife that’s not just composed of the species in the ocean. Contingent upon the time of year, rainfall, and other factors, hunting can be ideal in Florida. 

If you have any questions regarding the best spots in Florida, reach out to us here. As Florida natives, we are in tune with the hot spots in our state and the best time of year to head there. As avid outdoorsmen, you might even find us at each of these spaces. 

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