CBD for Hunters

Preparation is the most crucial part of any successful hunt. Packing properly, knowing your terrain, wearing proper gear and eating right are all forms of proper preparation. The level of preparation depends on your location, terrain, and style. If you’re going on a six day elk hunt, you need to ensure that your pack can handle the weight of the meat and fits properly. Numerous hunters have injured their spine permanently because they didn’t have the proper gear packed. Planning and preparing well will eliminate a large portion of injury risks. 

At Revital Outdoors, we stand behind our vision to extend the average active years that outdoor enthusiasts pursue their passions. With that said, we believe that every hunter should add CBD to their packs and prepare for their hunt. In this blog we’ll discuss how CBD can help hunters and why they should add our products into their routine. 

Common Hunting Injuries

Treestand Injuries

Hunting in a treestand can provide many advantages that can fill your tag. However, there are many complications that can come from hunting out of a treestand. Bowhunting from a 20-30 feet platform in the air, climbing up and down in the dark with your boots covered in mud can definitely lead to a disaster. Many might think of accidental shooting when they hear the words “hunting accident” however, studies have found that treestand injuries are the leader in serious injuries or death to a hunter. Additionally, it’s been shown that a third of all hunters will experience a treestand fall in some form during their hunting careers. 


Depending on the hunt, you’re going to be traveling all around the world – Georgia, Africa, British Columbia. Due to this, you’re going to experience many different terrains and weather conditions. Therefore, falls and injuries are going to happen and they do pretty often. The seriousness of your injury can depend on the terrain, weather, or utilizing proper equipment. Any individual that’s taken a fall knows that your body and joints are never the same. Often you’ll feel the impact of the lactic acid build-up inside you’ll feel stiff and sore and unable to move.

Inflammation and Pain

There’s no hiding the fact that our passions take a toll on our body. Whether you’re dealing with a serious injury or a minor laceration, you can’t deny the aches and pains that come with hunting. The more physically challenging and adventurous the hunt, the more we notice the pain and inflammation associated as we start advancing past our early 30’s. Staying still in sub-freezing temperatures waiting for the arrival of a whitetail buck, we experience stiff joints and nothing to show for it when our buck slips out of sight while we’re trying to maintain some level of comfort. Even the plane ride to Africa can cause your smile to turn to a scowl just moving to the baggage claim area. 

CBD Effect On The Body

Tons of individuals have taken a dabble in the CBD industry to assist with their inflammation, pain, sleep. We’ve seen a positive impact from our Premium Broad-Spectrum CBD Products on each of these aspects. Additionally, our Premium CBD Cream was crafted to be unscented, so you won’t scare the deer away! Each of our CBD products are created differently, and have different forms of ingestion. Therefore, you might feel like you need some further information before taking the plunge. Have no fear, we’ve got a blog section for you to dive into as well as our customer support that is standing by to help you with your search. 

CBD contains cannabinoids, known as the compound that interacts with receptors (ECS system) throughout the body to trigger homeostasis. This is the piece that supports all the core functions in our body and continues to regulate in order to promote balance within. The human body is complex and connected by a network of various systems. Each one controls its own functions and additionally interacts with other systems, related or not. 

Our products are equipped with broad-spectrum CBD which holds a range of naturally occurring compounds from the cannabis plant, but with no tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. This means that you’re getting the most out of the hemp plant with no “high” effect. 

How CBD Can Help Hunters

One of our best selling products is our Nano-Emulsified Premium Broad-Spectrum CBD Softgels. This is due to the fact that our softgels feature a high bioavailability, meaning that they are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream after consumption. To break it down further, you’ll feel the same benefits to a larger dose of an average CBD product but in a smaller serving size. Additionally, our strawberry-lemonade gummies are a great snack to take with you in the stand. They are also nano-emulsified and have a high bioavailability causing them to start working quicker. Each one of our products are great for different reasons, you can find out more about the differences here

As we mentioned above, research has shown that CBD interacts with our neurotransmitters and subdues the immune responses that cause inflammation. Meaning, you’re more likely to experience a quicker recovery, better sleep, and reduced inflammation when you incorporate CBD into your regular routine. 

Eventually, we will all deal with chronic pain, joint aches, and lack of sleep. No matter how physically fit you are, age and hunting will eventually take a toll on these aspects. At Revital Outdoors, we know how hard it feels to get up in the morning and make the trek to your stand, and that’s why we’re on a mission to restore the passion of each outdoor enthusiast. According to research, CBD has some inflammatory molecules which shortens the recovery time and relieves tension and inflammation at the tissue. Moreover, CBD also has the potential to allow muscles to heal much quicker than traditional resources. 

CBD For Your Bird Dog

You might be thinking “whaaaat” after reading that headline, but it’s true. We’ve seen a huge impact on our Premium CBD Dog Chews in our community. Our pups are getting tons of exercise during a hunt. From swimming to running, they’re our go-to tools to retrieving our birds or keeping us alert of snakes in high grassy areas. All of this exercise will take a toll on your dogs joints and ligaments. Revital Outdoors beef flavored CBD Dog Treats have been formulated with water-soluble CBD powder and various premium ingredients, providing amazing results in a tasty, dog-approved chew. 

The Revital Outdoors Difference

As we’ve mentioned above, we carry an exceptional product line with only the best-in-class farming practices. The ways to take advantage of CBD’s benefits are endless. Revital Outdoors guarantees to continuously improve our formulas to ensure we are using the best available ingredients. If you spend any time outdoors hunting, our CBD is a great all-natural product that’s designed specifically to maintain homeostasis.
To wrap it up, CBD can be a great alternative to traditional medicines to aid in your recovery. The best part is that you can also consume CBD before your hunt to help you focus on your passion more clearly. If you have any questions about our products, please reach out here.

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