Do Bass Ever Go Shallow on Kentucky Lake?

When anglers think about Kentucky Lake, usually the first thing that comes to their mind is summertime fishing. This means picking up the deep diving crankbaits, the big spoons, big swimbaits, carolina rigs, jigs; and targeting fish on the deep ledges. What about fishing Kentucky Lake in the springtime? Like any other lake in the country, Kentucky Lake is going to have a strong shallow-water bite in the springtime, the fish still must spawn up shallow, and this is when usually a lot of tournaments start kicking off their seasons on Kentucky Lake.  So, let’s change it up and talk about Kentucky Lake in the springtime. Be sure to read through this blog until the end to find out more information about How Revital Outdoors’ Premium CBD will help anglers during springtime tournaments and fishing early in the year.

Largemouth Bass Fishing on Kentucky Lake

Once late February and early March hit the calendar, the springtime bite on Kentucky Lake can be awesome. Kentucky Lake, like other notorious bass lakes in the country, it’s full of big Largemouth Bass. This is attributed to a good bait source and great government resources to help maintain the fishery. Kentucky Lake is comprised of two main bodies of water, there is Kentucky Lake and there is also Barkley Lake. This is sometimes referred to as Kentucky/Barkley Lakes. Both fish very strong in the springtime when the fish are up shallow thinking about spawning. Although there’s not as many cuts, creeks, and coves like other lakes; this will help the lake fish a lot smaller in the springtime, but still produce the numbers. Tournaments have been won on Kentucky lake in the springtime when anglers are up shallow around areas of the lake that is very close to traditional summertime ledges. It also helps if the area is relating to a ledge and the river channel. This creates a great recipe for success. Bass can go from their deep wintertime pattern when it is cold, to up shallow for the spawn, and then back out deep for the post-spawn summertime pattern. And if it aligns close to the river channel, then the Largemouth Bass in Kentucky Lake have a constant food source as well. 

Bait Selection

Baits selection is like any other lakes that are in Kentucky, Tennessee, or Alabama. Kentucky Lake fishes very similar to other lakes in its area. So, anglers that want to throw swimbaits, crankbaits, jerkbaits, or jigs will be successful. These are the same baits anglers are using later in the year just with a few tweaks. For example, anglers in the summertime will throw big hollow bodied swimbaits on a big swimbait head. In the springtime, anglers will generally relate more to hardbait swimbaits. When glidebaits came onto the scene, anglers started being successful on Kentucky Lake in the springtime with them. These can be fished shallow and are very intriguing to spawning Largemouth Bass. This is because the bass become very defensive guarding their beds.  

Crankbaits are another bait that anglers will fish a lot in the summertime when the fish are on the ledges, but in the springtime a crankbait can still be utilized to win a tournament. The little change the springtime anglers will do is throw more crawfish-colored crankbaits, and smaller crankbaits that fish shallower. The notorious Shad Rap, and small flat-sided crankbaits really started to get popular on Kentucky Lake. Again, anglers are moving shallow with the fish and must use baits that are best suited up shallow. The key to fishing these crankbaits is to always have it bumping the bottom, and in the springtime on Kentucky Lake, there is nothing better than rock. Fish spawn on hard bottom, rocks hold heat, and this is just a great recipe to find the Largemouth Bass in the springtime on Kentucky Lake. Another key to fishing the crankbait pattern effectively on Kentucky Lake is to use the lightest line anglers can get away with. This will help the bait deflect well and have the best realistic action.  

How CBD Helps Anglers:

One item anglers can take with them on Kentucky Lake in the springtime to make their time on the water more enjoyable is the Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Salve Stick. This serves as a great lip balm and can also be applied to inflammation or “tight” areas throughout the day and provide the relief anglers need to get through the day. During springtime on Kentucky Lake, the air is still cold – so having a good lip balm product will prevent chapped and irritated lips at the end of the day dealing with the cold air.  Simply roll up the bottom of the stick and apply the Premium CBD directly to your area of inflammation or irritability. As we stated above, it makes a great moisturizing lip balm as well.

The Salve Stick works directly with the body’s endocannabinoid system. The Premium CBD works with the CB2 receptors that are located throughout the skin and body. These receptors activate with CBD, when applied, and absorb into the surface of your skin and move within to go beyond skin-deep. These CB2 receptors are responsible for maintaining overall skin health. If you’re looking for a CBD topical that works, check this out!

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