Fishing at Lake of The Ozarks

In the heart of the state of Missouri is one of the best bass fishing lakes in the entire country. This lake has served host to numerous championship events, it is home to numerous professional bass anglers, iit has the right recipe for the perfect springtime and pre-spawn pattern and has been featured in the Top 100 of Bass Fishing lakes in the United States for the past 20 years. This Missouri lake holds a lot of nostalgia when it comes to bass fishing, none other than Lake of the Ozarks. Make sure to read to the bottom to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products can help anglers when fishing the Lake of the Ozarks.

The Structure of the Lake

Lake of the Ozarks is full of docks, brush piles, big threadfin shad, and miles and miles of shoreline. It also contains bluff walls, long main-lake points, secondary points, and spawning flats leading into feeder creeks. All these things add up to be in a perfect recipe of success in the springtime when the fish are moving up in the staging areas and in the pre-spawn pattern. Therefore, Lake of the Ozarks sees so many tournaments in the springtime, from bigger national level tour bass tournaments, all the way down to the weekend warriors; Lake of the Ozarks has multiple tournaments every weekend from February until June. The springtime, however, is when the big Spotted Bass and Largemouth Bass of Lake of the Ozarks are moving up into the pre-spawn pattern, or staging, and are feeding very aggressively getting ready for the spawn.  This is a perfect time for anglers to cover lots of water, throw reaction baits, and have a lot of success.  

Choosing the Best Bait

Baits such a jerkbaits, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and Alabama Rigs; are all perfect baits to have on the deck of the boat when fishing on Lake the Ozarks in the springtime and pre-spawn. The Alabama Rig and the jerkbait probably shine the best on Lake of the Ozarks this time of year. A jerkbait was absolutely the best bait to throw in Lake the Ozarks in the pre-spawn and early spring. Many hardbait and lure manufacturers did countless hours of testing on new models of jerkbaits on Lake of the Ozarks, this is because the fish react so well to a jerkbait on Lake of the Ozarks. However, when the introduction of the Alabama Rig came along the game was changed. Now anglers are relying heavily on the Alabama Rig and the jerkbait to be successful. Many anglers will get back up into arms of the lake that have good populations of bait, and lead into a spawning flats.

With these two baits, they can fish both the middle of the arm and the points, and then the banks that are all holding fish this time of year. Anglers will start out in the middle of the arm throwing an Alabama Rig over the tops of flooded trees in deep water. Here is where anglers will see many big balls of bait, with Largemouth Bass and Spotted Bass all around them. Eventually they will work their way up shallow throwing a jerkbait or crankbait to pick up the fish who have moved up into the staging and pre-spawn patterns early. Sometimes on Lake the Ozarks, the fish that move up shallow are not always relating to the pre-spawn and staging pattern.

Bass Fishing in February and March

However, fish will move up shallow in late February and early March on rocky points. The rocks here hold crawfish, which is another meal that Largemouth Bass will feed on, but also the rocks hold heat. So, a few degrees of temperature change will attract the fish up shallow. But typically, this time of year the fish move up shallow in the staging and prespawn pattern. When an angler moves into an area of Lake of the Ozarks and is spotting a good population of bait, also it has the right recipe of main-lake points, secondary points, and brush piles out deep; anglers will want to fish these areas methodically and figure out what the bass are relating to. Starting out fishing deep with an Alabama Rig, and then moving up shallow with a jerkbait or crankbait to find out what the fish are reacting to. The whole key to this is finding the bait, if anglers find the bait, then the fish are there. 

Bait color is not all too important on Lake of the Ozarks. Because the Largemouth Bass and Spotted Bass in Lake of the Ozarks are feeding predominately on shad, any shad pattern with white and silver in it will produce great results when fishing in late February and early March on Lake of the Ozarks. Even with the swimbaits the anglers are using when fishing in Alabama Rig, any color that is a bait fish pattern will typically work on Lake the Ozarks. In the past, some anglers have commented that more translucent hardbaits that are in a shad color pattern, but also have a slight detection of lavender or purple seem to get better bites on Lake of the Ozarks. No rhyme or reason why this is, it is just something many anglers who have won tournaments on Lake of the Ozarks mention about the baits they used. 

Pro Tip for A Great Tournament

A final tip for a great tournament on Lake of the Ozarks in late February and early March, is to downsize the line anglers use. Lake of the Ozarks typically is a deep-water, clear empowerment. There have been years when Lake of the Ozarks has received a lot of rain which will dirty the water up, but typically it is very clear and very deep. Anglers who have been successful in tournaments have always downsized their fluorocarbon line when fishing reaction baits on Lake of the Ozarks. Anglers that are throwing crankbaits and jerkbaits what typically throw these bait on 10-pound test fluorocarbon. And the anglers that are fishing Alabama Rigs out deep well sometimes go down to as light as 15-pound test fluorocarbon. This will help anglers entice more bites throughout the day on the water. 

How CBD Helps Anglers

When fishing the Lake of The Ozarks, the one thing to pack with you are our delicious Premium CBD Gummies. The strawberry-lemonade flavor will burst into your mouth and make your taste buds tingle at the juiciness. Providing 10mg of CBD, our gummies are a great mid-day pick me up in addition to the other Premium CBD Products you love. Particularly, they’re great when you’re on the water and start to feel a flare up with inflammation. They’ll get to work and help combat any discomfort. If you’re new to CBD, we recommend checking out this blog where we go into all things CBD 101. It’ll help you figure out exactly where to start, if CBD is safe, and if it’s right for you.

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