Fishing for Largemouth Bass in Lake Sam Rayburn

For the month of April on Lake Sam Rayburn anglers are going to be doing a lot of different techniques during bass tournaments. This is honestly a time of the year where anglers can fish their strengths and be successful in tournaments doing so. There are fish that are caught still in pre-spawn, a lot of fish will be up shallow and bedding, and even some post-spawn fish will be caught on Lake Sam Rayburn in the month of April. For this blog, we are going to dissect a few of the different options anglers will have when fishing Lake Sam Rayburn in April and the Major League Fishing BFL Cowboy Division tournament. Make sure to read to the bottom to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products help anglers fishing Sam Rayburn.

Lake Sam Rayburn sets up well for all different types of tournament bass anglers across the country. It’s no wonder that anglers from across the country enjoy coming to Lake Sam Rayburn to fish tournaments there at least once in their career. But for the month of April the fishing can be exceptionally well, and some big bags can be brought into the scales. Anglers can do pretty much whatever they want, but the anglers relating shallow seem to have the best of luck in both quality and quantity of fish catches throughout a tournament day. In the past, tournament anglers have been able to fish grass, flip wood, burn the bank with reaction baits, and even throw topwater baits to catch Largemouth Bass in Lake Sam Rayburn in the month of April. 

For anglers that want to slow down and really try to focus on catching fish on beds, they are going to want to throw soft plastic creature baits and jigs. This means finding areas that has good grass in the mouths leading into the back of pockets during a good grass year. Other areas are the ones that have shallow back waters leading into creeks and areas that are notorious for spawning pockets that are adjacent to the river channel flowing through Lake Sam Rayburn. For the tournament anglers fishing Lake Sam Rayburn in the month of April that want to fish fast and cover a lot of water they can do so by throwing reaction baits up shallow. Typically, in the month of April anglers have done exceptionally well in tournaments who have covered a lot of water on Lake Sam Rayburn throwing chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, swimjigs, and topwater baits. Topwater baits can include spook style walking baits and frogs. Predominately frogs are a favorite among anglers fishing tournaments on Lake Sam Rayburn in the month of April. Deciding between a chatterbait, a swim jig, or a swimjig; really depends on the structure that the angler is fishing and how thick the grass is in the area. It also depends on how high up in the water column the grass is. 
For practice on Lake Sam Rayburn in the month of April, anglers are going to want to start up shallow because April is the primary month that the Largemouth Bass are shallow either locked into the spawn or chasing fry. Either way, the shallow water bite can be absolutely remarkable on Lake Sam Rayburn, and will account for many big bags in tournaments, and is a great starting point that all tournament anglers need to look into. During practice, anglers will begin to break down sections of the lake. Whether they want to run up to the north end of the lake or stay down in the south end, it really comes down to practice and the sections of the lake that produce the best bites in the back water and shallow water areas offered in that section. Many anglers fish Lake Sam Rayburn differently, so they will have different results throughout different sections of the lake. Some also refer to Lake Sam Rayburn and fishing tournaments in the month of April as “wide open”. This is because so many different techniques can catch quality bags on Lake Sam Rayburn. 

Hope this helps tournament anglers who are planning on fishing Lake Sam Rayburn in the month of April and planning ahead of time preparing for their tournaments.

How CBD Helps Anglers

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