Fishing for Largemouth Bass on Lake Tohopekaliga, or Toho

Lake Tohopekaliga, or Toho for short, is one of Florida’s most notable Largemouth Bass fishing lakes. Thousands of anglers come to Lake Toho each year for vacation, hoping to put their hands on a Florida giant bass. Many fish are caught each year out of the lake that weigh 10 pounds or more. But when is the best time to come to Lake Toho? What baits should you consider? Will you need heavy tackle? How do you catch a 10 pound bass in Lake Toho? These are all common questions when it comes to largemouth bass fishing in this central Florida lake. Read to the bottom to find out How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products help avid anglers.

The first step to fishing lake Toho is Big Toho Marina. This place has awesome food, drinks, bait selection, ice, and everything else you need for a great day on the water. They also have exceptional parking and a great launch ramp. Once you get launched out onto Lake Toho, you will immediately start seeing good looking grass and lily pads. Lake Tahoe, in some angler’s eyes, is the easiest like to get lost at because everything looks the same. But in the main lake there’s a lot of opportunity for finding fish offshore on shell bars and the offshore grass patches. Many anglers think when you come to Florida you’re going be flipping grass the whole time. Granted, there are a lot of fish that can be caught year-round flipping grass. For some locals, that’s all they fish throughout each day. They will flip miles and miles of vegetation until they find the right patch of grass holding good quality of fish or good population of big fish.  

Anglers who are just starting out fishing in Florida or wants to come down to Lake Tahoe on vacation, I generally direct them to fish more action style baits to start with. Lake Tahoe is one of the best topwater fisheries in the state of Florida. You can catch fish year-round on the topwater. This consists of walking style topwater baits and topwater bait that create a lot of action on the water with props. Other good baits are a chatterbait, lipless crankbaits, and swimjigs. Many anglers think a chatterbait and a swimjig fish the same. Depending on the conditions and the water clarity, sometimes the fish will be reacting to chatterbaits, and sometimes they want the more subtle finesse action of a swimjig. The biggest tip for anglers is to cover a lot of water, and find the right grass that is holding largemouth bass. Lake Tahoe is a little bit easier to find groups of fish. The offshore grass is not as thick or spread out like other lakes in Florida.  

In the winter and early spring fishing Lake Toho, I always recommend anglers to start shallow fishing reeds, lily pads, and whatever structure is on the shoreline that could be holding fish. And then I recommend moving offshore. Many times, fish will be up shallow this time of year thinking about to spawn and chasing forage. So, anglers will be able to find fish shallow but then in the offshore areas, anglers usually still have good luck finding grass relating to shellbars. During the pre-spawn and spawn anglers have had the best luck finding areas with multiple beds in them. Instead of just beating the shoreline looking for a big fish on a bed, spending your time looking for bedding areas will result in finding more quantities of fish and bigger fish as well. 

Color selection on Lake Toho is pretty simple, big Largemouth Bass will bite anything that is black and blue or junebug when it comes to soft plastics, and blue/chrome shiny color patterns in hardbaits.  Sometimes anglers get caught up wanting to throw other colors in bright light situations, but Lake Toho is known for producing bites year-round on those two colors. The main reason for this, is the predominant forage in Lake Toho is shiners and bluegill. Both species of forage are very dark in color.  

Finally, make sure you always have your phone charged when fishing Lake Toho because you never know when you’re going to catch that giant Florida largemouth bass. And that’ll be a Kodak moment you’ll want to remember forever. 

Be safe out on the water, and make sure to always have fun! 

How CBD Helps Anglers:

One item to make sure you have with you when fishing Lake Tohopekaliga is The Revital Outdoors CBD Cream. Our 250mg cream is unscented and packed full of benefits especially if you’re an avid angler. Finding a CBD topical that works can be a difficult challenge, so if you’re wondering how to find a quality CBD topical, check this out. When fishing, your body will likely start to feel inflamed over time. The repetition that your muscles and joints are going through during a normal fishing day could start to cause issues later in life.

At Revital Outdoors, we create all our our CBD using a broad-spectrum CBD. You might be wondering exactly what that is. To break it down, broad-spectrum CBD a range of naturally occurring compounds from the cannabis plant, but with no tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. If you want to know more about the different forms that CBD can come in, check this out.

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