Fishing Santee Cooper: A Flooded Forest

Just north of Charleston, South Carolina is a little hidden bass factory that holds a lot of history. Santee Cooper has been known to host several professional bass tournaments in the past years and has always produced very impressive weights. Santee Cooper continuously finds itself in the Top 100 of Bass Fishing Lakes in the US. With a healthy population of Largemouth Bass and full of the perfect cover, this is a bass fishing paradise for all anglers. Make sure to read through the entirety of this blog to see a How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Product that will help anglers throughout this season.

Santee Cooper is comprised of two lakes: Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie. Marion is the larger of the two lakes and in the northern end of Santee Cooper, however this lake fishes very small and is full of the best bass fishing cover angler dream of finding. Lake Marion of Santee Cooper is full of timber and flooded cypress trees. What’s this a recipe for? Some of the greatest bass-holding cover EVER. Flooded cypress trees have attracted bass fishing enthusiasts since tournaments started in the ’70s. There is nothing better for an avid bass angler than to pick up a flippin’ stick or squarebill crankbait and go into a cypress tree forest. Lake Marion host many tournaments, so on top of all the natural cover, there is boat ramps and other bass holding cover.  

Make sure to read to the bottom to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD may help anglers fishing Santee Cooper.

Locating the Largemouth Bass Habitats

Just south of Lake Marion at Santee Cooper is Lake Moultrie. Lake Moultrie is a smaller lake, however, can almost seem confusing to bass anglers because breaking it down and finding the right areas for largemouth bass is challenging. Moultrie has many more spawning areas and is known for being a place with a lot of grass. Also, anglers can sometimes find lily pads with the grass. In the springtime, anglers have been known to fish more on Lake Moultrie on Santee Cooper because it holds more habitat for the largemouth to spawn.  

Bait Selection

Bait selection on Santee Cooper is traditionally soft plastics and some action baits. Santee Cooper has been known to be one of the best bass fishing locations in the country for throwing a squarebill around wood. While many anglers love flipping a big jig or creature baits around the cypress trees or flooded timber, anglers have tremendous success throwing a squarebill. This is especially true in the early/pre-spawn time of year when anglers are chasing bait. Although, the squarebill bite is something every angler should experience on Santee Cooper, the flippin’ bite is crazy! 

Santee Cooper is one of the best lakes in the country when it comes to offering a lot of cover. Many bait companies have held media events and filming opportunities on Santee Cooper because of the scenery and amazing amount of cover. Santee Cooper has also been known as a “Flooded Forrest” Anglers who pick up the big flippin’ stick with a jig or creature bait can give them a chance at one of those one-hundred fish days. The water clarity is stained, so anglers will want to relate to the darker colors such as black and blue, or green pumpkin/brown.  

How CBD Helps Anglers:

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