Get Better Sleep With CBD

If you’re active on any form of social media, you’ve probably seen the multitude of products on the market promising better and deeper sleep. We seem to live in a world where good cold-pillow sleep is harder to come by than most other things. Why is that? We live in an instantaneous world. You want something next day? Have no fear, there is Amazon. Are you needing a prescription for cold medicine? You can actually call a doctor over the phone, describe your symptoms, and have you prescription filled within hours at your local pharmacy.

Everything in our world is instant. On the other hand, we are also fast-paced. Never putting down our phones and our brains are usually on overdrive with all the information we are passing it each and every second. That has to be why when we finally lay down to go to sleep, we can’t shut our mind off from the daunting thoughts of our schedule tomorrow, about something you saw on the news, or how many likes your recent instagram picture is getting.   

Here is the good news: You’re not alone. However, it does need to be fixed because sleep is essential to our overall health. Depriving yourself of getting good and consistent sleep, can prevent you from being at your best. For some, sleep is their biggest enemy. That’s when the rush of thoughts come in and you can’t shut it off.  

Why Is Sleep So Important?

As outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we know how exhausting a day of hunting or fishing can be. While some may look at our passions as hobbies, you’re constantly putting your body through vigorous activities. Whether it be casting 1,000+ times a day, or holding up your bow for the perfect shot – your body is going through strenuous exercise. To keep being able to do what we love, we have to have consistent sleep to achieve the next day’s work.  

Studies have shown that some type of sleep routine will help you with emotional balance, longevity, and various other aspects of your health. You can handle stress and think more clearly when you’re well rested.  

Want to go to sleep but can’t put your mind at ease?

We’ve all been there. You’re working long hours and when you finally rest your head, you can’t help but think about all the things you didn’t complete and you’re left laying in bed with racing thoughts. There could be a ton of different reasons why when you wake up in the morning to the petrifying sound of your alarm, you feel less rested than when you went to sleep. We’ve decided to help you by making a list of things you can do to help you sleep. 

1. Sleep Routines 

If you don’t already, you need to have a sleep routine and stick with it. Pick a specific time to wake up and go to sleep everyday. It probably sounds more simple than it actually is if you suffer from any kind of insomnia.  

2. Find your perfect Revital Outdoors CBD product 

At Revital Outdoors, we offer a wide range of products, which makes it easy to find your perfect match and the easiest fit into your everyday routine. Our products are broad-spectrum which means you get the best compounds of the cannabis plant.  

3. Put up your electronics 1 hour before bed 

You might be thinking, why? There is recent scientific research that suggests that using your phone before bed is detrimental to your health and sleep. The main reason is because the light on your phone or any other electronic device, is harmful to the eyes. The blue-light that it gives off restrains the production of melatonin which is the hormone that controls your sleep cycle or circadian rhythm. There are also additional studies that show that exposure to blue light can cause damage to your retinas.  


Have any questions about how to find the perfect Revital Outdoors CBD product for you? Message us today and we’ll help find your match!