Holiday Gift Guide for Anglers

Fishing is something all anglers think about daily, especially in the holiday season wondering what will be in their stocking or under the tree that they can use in the boat. Often those who are shopping for their favorite angler can always find a few extra stocking stuffers by going down the fishing isle. And every angler will always say the same thing, “there’s no such thing as too much.”

For Christmas this holiday season, how about giving your favorite angler something that helps them stay on the water longer, and makes them feel more comfortable in doing so???

That is where Revital Outdoors is happy to provide those options!

Revital was founded by avid outdoor enthusiasts to help fellow anglers do one thing, spend more time on the water catching fish! How we do that is offering a line of premium CBD products that help reduce aches and soreness, reduce anxiety, help anglers sleep better the night before their trip, and reduce inflammation from head-to-toe.

Since coming board with Revital Outdoors as the Marketing Manager, I started relying on all of the products offered; what I have found is the different products work in different ways. But after using them, the two I always recommend to my angling friends are the CBD Softgels and CBD Cream.

Revital Outdoors CBD Softgels

I take two of the 25mg CBD Softgels every morning before going out on the water. It took me a few days to really see a difference using these, however I almost don’t want to fish without taking them in the morning. I would start experiencing deep, very uncomfortable sharpness in between my shoulder blades after a long day on the water. This was really noticeable on the windier, rougher days on the water. Since taking the softgels into morning fishing routine, I’ve noticed a huge difference in being more comfortable on the water throughout the day. I also say I have noticed a difference in my anxiety levels during a tournament or things just not, “going according to plan”…. and we have all been there.

Revital CBD Cream

This is the product I hear about the most from other anglers, and the product I get the most feedback from. Long days on the water are hell on an angler’s hands and arms, especially ifwe are using heavy equipment. Flipping a big tungsten weight for Largemouth, fighting Red Snappers, reeling in a Blacktip Shark that has stripped you 100 yards behind the boat, or casting a big topwater after Yellowfin Tuna; I have not met many anglers who don’t experience hand or forearm cramps at some point. The Revital Outdoors CBD Cream is absolutely the gold standard for this. It pinpoints joint inflammation or inflammation areas and works very well in keeping anglers out on the water longer without having to go in because they just can’t crank a reel handle anymore.

These are the products I highly recommend when shopping for an angler this holiday season! As always, be safe out there on the water and tight lines!


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