How To Wind Down For A Restful Sleep – Evening Routines

There’s a high possibility that you’re one of the 70 million Americans that struggle with sleep problems. In a fast-paced world, it’s not hard to believe that there’s that many of us that struggle. As we’ve heard – stress has a huge impact on lack of sleep. But, it leaves a lot of us wondering how we can fix it. Look no further than this article as we’ll dive into some ways to improve your sleep routine. 

We talk a lot about sleep and melatonin in the body. However, we’ve never talked about an evening routine. The importance of an evening routine can really be impactful when looking to maximize on your sleep. This is due to the fact that an evening routine sets the stage. Here are some things you can do to wind down:

  • Read a book
  • Take a shower/bath
  • Turn off blue lights
  • Try CBD Nano Melatonin Softgels with CBN for Sleep
  • Add a few drops of CBD Oil to your tea

Why Sleep Is Important

If you’re one of the nearly 70 million Americans, this might be a no-brainer question for you to answer. Sleep affects basically every aspect of our bodies and health. Sleep is basically recharging your body’s batteries. This is also when our bodies are producing the majority of its hormones. Therefore, failing to get enough sleep can lead to producing larger amounts of stress hormones like cortisol. Moreover, this hormone breaks down skin and connective tissue, leading to prematurely aged appearance. Which is just the cherry on top of reasons to make sleep a priority. 

Read a Book

It probably comes as no surprise that it’s better to look at a book than a screen. This can apply to most conditions but specifically to a nighttime routine. It helps “shut” your mind off. Reading creates a relaxing sensation, thus making it easier to go to bed. There have been many studies confirming that reading makes it easier to have deep, restorative sleep. Plus, it’s a fact that reading boosts your IQ so really, it has multiple benefits. 

Take a Shower/Bath

When you’re winding down, taking a nice warm bath probably pops into your top 5 most relaxing activities. Additionally, it’s a time that you can get away and be alone for a brief moment. It’s not hard to imagine the relaxation-boosting effects that come with taking a bath. Baths encourage mental stillness and raise body temperature, setting the stage for sleep mode. Plus, if you add in some epsom salt or bath bombs, your muscle fibers will be further relaxed. 

Turn Off Blue Lights

By now, you’ve heard about blue light and the effect that it has on your overall health. It tricks your body into thinking it’s still day outside. However, it seems like we can’t escape it as all of our modern technology devices contain blue light. Moreover, ceiling lights, appliances, and even street lights emit blue light. Add in working from home, and being in front of a device daily and you’re in for a disaster. Recent studies have found that over 30 percent of the participants were using a blue-light device between 9 to 11 hours a day.

But, a nighttime screen can do worse. This is because they mess with your circadian rhythm. This is essentially what signals you to wake up or wind down. Therefore, a nighttime blue-light screen can trick your mind into thinking it’s daytime. Additional studies have been done to show that as little as 2 hours of blue light exposure disrupts sleep by preventing melatonin release. So, many experts are recommending powering down devices 3 hours before heading off to bed. 

On the scarier side, blue light exposure has been linked to increased rates of certain types of cancer. Some of you can calm down as these associations are mainly seen in night-shift workers, but likely applies to anyone who overuses blue light late at night. 

Kids are affected even stronger. Due to the fact that their eyes are still developing, they’re more sensitive to blue-light screens. Correlated with nearsightedness, hyperactivity, and even obesity – we can blame excess screen time. You can counteract this by getting your kids to turn off their devices after sundown. 

If you must, try some blue-light blocking glasses. You can search for them on Amazon and have them shipped to your door. Some of us can’t escape blue-light, but you can actually work to prevent any added harshness. They also make them for children – so stock them up too. Melatonin is also produced in the morning, so make sure you’re getting some morning sun as well. 

Try CBD Nano Melatonin Softgels with CBN for Sleep

If you’ve reduced your blue-light intake at night, it’s time to take your sleep routine to the next level. Studies have shown that 39% of all CBD consumers are utilizing the product for better sleep. More research is needed to fully understand how CBD interacts with the body to influence sleep patterns. 

But, if you’re ready to include CBD in your nighttime routine, Revital Outdoors Premium Melatonin Softgels with CBN for Sleep are a great start. The softels with melatonin come with 25mg of CBD, 3mg of CBN, and 3mg of melatonin each. They’re perfect for getting great sleep and waking up feeling well-rested. Plus, they’re formulated with our nano-emulsion technology to make them incredibly quick absorbing and fast-acting. This means, sleep in no time! 

Our Softgels are designed to help you relax before getting into bed. Therefore, getting a deeper sleep leading to a better fish or hunt the next morning. As avid outdoorsmen, we find that CBD products can be a great addition to your bag, or even off for on the pond or field. You could find a remedy in better sleep as easy as a softgel per night one hour before bed. If you have no feeling from that, you can always up your dosage slowly over time. 

Try A Few Drop of CBD Oil in your Tea

If you’re an avid nighttime tea drinker, we recommend adding some CBD Oil drops into your tea. As tea can be very relaxing, the CBD oil drops will be just what you need to tip you over the edge. Making CBD-infused tea is easy. Simply place a few drops of our Oil Tinctures into your favorite mug, along with your favorite tea bag. 

Broad-Spectrum 0.0% THC, our CBD Oil Tinctures are organic and come in three different amounts and two flavors. You can choose from: 450mg, 900mg, 1350mg. As well as: Fresh Mint and Lemon for flavors. 

You may also experience some plant+plant synergy. Most teas include essential oils and related flavonoids that are relaxing enough to have pro-sleep effects. But note, stray away from green tea or other varieties that contain caffeine. 

To Wrap It Up

Sleep is very crucial to our routines. Therefore, let’s all try to be better about our nighttime routines to be more impactful and get the most out of our sleep. Our passions are tiring and can lead to some burnout. Taking the time to slow down and rest will be impactful out in the field. 

Use these tips to start adopting and adapting to a nighttime routine that works for you. If you have any questions, please reach us here. While practicing, add CBD into your routine and see if it works for you. We are pretty sure you’ll walk away feeling happy and well-rested. 

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