Lake Eufaula: Oklahoma Fishing Hot Spots

Oklahoma is home to some of the most prestigious bass fishing tournaments, and professional bass anglers since tournament bass fishing began. There are many lakes in Oklahoma that hold bass fishing tournaments every single year and produce great weights in those tournaments. Oklahoma lakes are predominantly full of Largemouth Bass; however, some lakes also have Spotted Bass and Smallmouth Bass in them. Outside of Bass Fishing, Oklahoma is home to some of the most world-class Croppie fishing and Catfish fishing that there is. Some people are even crazy enough to stick their hands in the holes to try and catch the big Flat-Head Catfish that live in the rivers and lakes of Oklahoma.  One of the biggest lakes found in the state of Oklahoma and is on the eastern side of the state is Lake Eufaula. This might sound confusing to some bass anglers who have heard about Lake Eufaula in Alabama, however there is a Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma and every year the Major League BFL Okie Division pays a stop there in the springtime. Make sure to read to the bottom to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products can help anglers fishing Lake Eufaula.

What Makes Lake Eufaula Unique in Oklahoma

There’s a couple different variables about Lake Eufaula that separate it from other lakes in the state of Oklahoma. The first being the amount of flooded timber in the lake. Although there are not any designated running lanes in the lake, there is a lot of areas that anglers definitely want to be careful running in because of the amount of flooded timber. Another variable about Lake Eufaula from other lakes in the state of Oklahoma, is the dirty water. Almost all lakes in the state of Oklahoma do have dirty water, there are different kind of dirty when it comes to Lake Eufaula. Some of the lake is just stained, while other parts of the lake seem to have a clay/dirt mixture in the water, giving it a red and brown look. But this should not fool anglers; the fish live there, they are used to the dirty water, and they will eat. 

Lake Eufaula Fishing Techniques

Like any other lake in the springtime in the state of Oklahoma, the fish are going to spawn up shallow. And typically, when the BFL Okie Division hits Lake Eufaula in the springtime, anglers are catching fish off wood and also fishing up shallow. There are a couple of different ways that anglers can approach these scenarios, and all of them can pay off. Year after year it seems like the anglers that win on Lake Eufaula are always doing something different. But here is a breakdown of a few techniques and areas in Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma that can pay off.  

There is a lot of rivers and creeks that run into Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma. This creates current in the back of the creeks and the river mouths to the lake. This will sometimes create a little cleaner water and change in water temperature. This will be what the big Oklahoma Largemouth Bass are looking for and will hold up in these areas. This is typically because of the bait that will relate to it. A spinnerbait is a solid choice to throw in these areas. The flash, and baitfish profile is exactly what the fish are relating to. Spinnerbaits in Oklahoma go hand-in-hand with one another, and gets bit year-round; however, in the springtime seems to be a better percentage time that this bait will get bit. Spinnerbait with a big willow-leaf blade to smaller willow-leaf blade and a white, shad-pattern skirt seem to get the best reaction from the Largemouth Bass in Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma.  

The next bait of choice is a squarebill crankbait. There is a lot of wood and rock in Lake Eufaula that the Largemouth Bass will relate to in the springtime. A squarebill is a great bait for mimicking the nervous or fleeing baitfish, and because of the squarebill design, it deflects really well off cover and objects in the water. A squarebill is great around rock and riprap which Lake Eufaula is full of, so overall, this is a great bait to cover a lot of water with. There is no real wrong way to fish a squarebill crankbait as long as it is bumping into brush or off the bottom. As mentioned previously, the key to its success rate being high is for it to be deflecting off rock or wood.  

How CBD Helps Anglers

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