Lake Hamilton: Hidden Bass Fishing Gem

Deep in the Ozark mountains, in the middle of Arkansas, there is a little hidden gem of that is full of big Largemouth Bass and Spotted Bass. This lake has been home to numerous Forrest Wood Cup Championships with FLW (now Major League Fishing), previous Major League Fishing BFL All-American Championships, numerous BFL Regionals, and other significant professional bass fishing tournaments. None other than Lake Hamilton; in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Lake Hamilton and the area of Hot Springs, Arkansas is one of the more nostalgic, historic areas in the country. Besides just the great tourism opportunities and bass fishing, the area holds a lot of history with horse racing, the natural hot springs that flow through the town, and where Confederate soldiers made camps during the Civil War. But one of the most top tourist attractions to Hot Springs, Arkansas; is Lake Hamilton and it’s bass fishing. Make sure to read to the end to find out How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products may help anglers fishing on Lake Hamilton.

Lake Hamilton really shines in the late winter and pre-spawn times of year. It has been known to produce numerous bags over 20 pounds over the last decade. When the Alabama Rig started to really become popular in 2013, this lake really showed itself for its true potential. Before that, and still today, this lake is very good in the early spring and late winter when finished with a jig, a jerkbait, and a crankbait. It also serves as great learning grounds for anglers who are trying to prefect their finesse tactics. Lake Hamilton is one of the best lakes in the country for throwing a drop shot, a Ned rig, and a shaky head. It is no wonder why numerous Bassmaster Classic champions, Forrest Wood Cup champions, and other professional anglers call home to the Lake Hamilton area. 

Types of Baits

In the late winter and pre-spawn times of year, Lake Hamilton can be won on numerous different baits. But most likely, the majority of angers are going to be throwing swimbaits, Alabama Rigs, and small flutter spoons. Predominately though, the Alabama Rig is hard to beat on Lake Hamilton. With the amount of bait fish that swim in the lake, and how deep and clear the lake is, it just serves all the right ingredients for a successful day on the water throwing in Alabama Rig. 

Swimbaits & Alabama Rig

The swimbaits on the back of an Alabama Rig in Lake Hamilton is probably the most critical element to a great day on the water. Many anglers have used 3.8 Keitech swimbaits, Strike King Rage Swimmers, grubs, hollow-bodied swimbaits, and other varieties of swimming action soft plastics. Lake Hamilton, however, as one of the first lakes were anglers started using the 3.8 Keitech swimbaits or smaller sizes on the back to catch the biggest fish in the lake. The other key element to throwing an Alabama Rig properly is using different weighted swimbait hooks on the set up. Generally speaking, anglers will want to have heavier swimbait heads on the bottom than on the top. This is to keep the Alabama Rig weighted at the bottom and won’t allow it to twist in the water as it is being reeled back to the boat. If an angler uses the same size swimbait hooks on the whole Alabama rig, then the bait will do a circling affect, and twist very badly, when being reeled back into the boat. This is an unnatural presentation that fish will not react to. Ultimately, with the Alabama Rig anglers are wanting to mimic big bait balls swimming through the water column. In the wintertime and the water is cold, the bass will absolutely destroy this bait as it serves as an easy meal mimicking baitfish, and in order to stay warm in the colder conditions the bass must eat. 

Craw Style Baits

As for other baits to use in Lake Hamilton in the late winter/ pre-spawn times of year. A craw style crankbait, a jerkbait, and a jig are a great choice. Lake Hamilton has a very good population of crawfish in it.

With the clear water and submerged timber throughout the lake, it serves as a great environment for crawfish. It was also one of the first lakes that was used for testing of the old-style wiggle wart crankbaits when it first hit the market back in the 60s and 70s. And still today the medium-diving crankbaits in a craw color pattern, still produce big bites and great days on the water for anglers. A jerkbait also mimics the dying baitfish from the cold conditions, again serving as an easy meal for big Largemouth and Spotted Bass in Lake Hamilton. Finally, bass will not deny a big crawfish for a meal in the winter/ pre-spawn time of year. So, a big 1oz jig in brown with a little bit of orange could be the ticket to catch a kicker fish in a tournament. 
Lake Hamilton is home to some of the most beautiful scenery, healthiest populations of Largemouth and Spotted Bass, and one of the most unique tourist attractions in the country. For the anglers that are fishing tournaments there in the late winter/ pre-spawn times of year, it will quickly become a destination that they will want to return to each year. 

How CBD Helps Anglers:

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