Lake Kissimmee – The Bass Fishing Kingdom

February is the dream month for all anglers fishing in Florida. It’s when things are really starting to heat up for all the Florida lakes. As the weather starts to warm up, the fish are swimming shallowly to eventually spawn. Honestly, there’s no better time to go fishing in Florida than in the month of February. Especially when thinking about fishing Lake Toho, and the Kissimmee Chain. We think that one of the best spots on the Kissimmee Chain is Lake Kissimmee itself. Keep reading to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products can help anglers bass fishing on Lake Kissimmee.

Lake Kissimmee is one of the bigger bodies of water connected to the Kissimmee chain. It lies right in the middle of the chain and offers some of the best grass meaning they’re healthy spawning areas. It also can provide some of the cleaner water on the Kissimmee Chain. Which makes it a phenomenal lake to fish on the Kissimmee Chain in February when the fish are up shallow and amid the spawn. 

Make sure to read until the bottom to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD may help anglers in the bass fishing kingdom of Lake Kissimmee.

Feeding Patterns of the Fish

The first step to be successful on Lake Kissimmee in the Kissimmee Chain of Florida is to understand the feeding patterns of the fish. Usually, in February, if an angler can get onto the right patch of offshore grass, they really have a chance to catch a big bag early in the morning. We recommend fishing first thing in the morning due to the fact that a lot of bass will start out their day in a patch of offshore Hydrilla. This is where a lot of males can be caught that are between 1-2 pounds. So, if an angler can find the right patch of Hydrilla and throw a senko, a lipless crankbait, or a soft plastic swimbait; usually they can find themselves catching a good bag first thing in the morning. 

Fishing Patterns on Lake Kissimmee

The best recipe for finding offshore grass in the lake is a patch of grass that is connected closely to shell bars or a brush pile. Once the sun comes up and it gets to be around 9:30 in the morning, anglers should move shallow and start focusing on trying to find bedding fish or fish up shallow thinking about spawning and staging. Anglers don’t necessarily have to be beating the bank looking for beds, if they can find a good shallow area that has grass in the mouth of it leading into the back of the pocket, usually an angler can pick up a Carolina Rig, a Senko, or a soft plastic swimbait and make fan casts. Watch out for biting fish though as they do get more aggressive in the month of February.

Choosing the Bait

We have already touched on the baits to use in February on the Kissimmee Chain. However, soft plastics really rule the land during this time. Whether it’s a soft plastic swimbait, the Florida notorious Senko , or a Carolina rig with a soft plastic bait at the end of it; they’re hard to beat. If an angler does want throw a hardbait, they can’t go wrong with either a topwater in the morning or throwing a lipless crankbait. These are two Florida staples, especially for the month of February. Anglers also have had successful days throwing topwater baits all day long. During a no wind, high-sunny day, an angler can throw a topwater at the right submerged grass or grass line and be successful.

*Tip: During February, if you’re utilizing soft plastic baits in Green Pumpkin or Watermelon Red, experiment with dying the tails of the worm in a chartreuse dye. This technique helps resemble the bluegill that are swimming around in Lake Kissimmee. Typically, bass are extremely defensive against the bluegill in the month of February when the spawn is happening.*

A bonus bait that all anglers should have on the boat deck when fishing the Kissimmee Chain in the month of February in Florida, is a spinnerbait. The spinnerbait is exceptionally great early in the morning, or on cloudy days when fish are relating around grass or structure up shallow that can be holding spawning bass. Spinnerbaits have a great profile like a bluegill, lot of flash, and the fish cannot stand a blade near their bedding habitat during this time.

Lake Kissimmee will always be one of the most notorious lakes within the Kissimmee Chain. Like we stated above, February is when the Kissimmee Chain is really shining. It has accounted numerous tournament wins, and can account for some of the best days of fishing an angler will ever experience. It’s also a great place to go on the Kissimmee Chain, when anglers are taking their family out fishing. Also, it’s a great place for the young anglers to try and catch their personal best, and have days of fishing where they can literally catch over 50 bass in a day. 

How CBD May Help Anglers:

Fishing on Lake Kissimmee brings unknown terrain for some, to make sure you’re prepared pack Revital Outdoors to come aboard. One product that works well in the Sunshine State of Florida is our Premium CBD Cream. This unscented cream contains 250mg of CBD and is extremely moisturizing. This means, it’ll help combat the Florida sun by nourishing your skin. Our CBD Cream is broad-spectrum, meaning that it holds a range of naturally occurring compounds from the cannabis plant, but with no tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. You can read more about broad-spectrum CBD here.

Our CBD Cream is popular amongst anglers due to the chronic inflammation and muscle soreness that many anglers deal with overtime. In fact, sometimes the inflammation is too much to bare and anglers have to resign themselves from something that they love doing. Our CBD Cream helps reduce inflammation by interacting with the CB2 receptors on the skin to promote health beyond skin-deep. You might be wondering if CBD topicals are harmful to skin, especially if you have sensitive skin, read more here to see if topicals are good for your skin.

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