Lake Lanier: A BIG Spotted Bass Capital

In the north part of the beautiful state of Georgia lies one of the world’s best spotted bass lakes. Lake Lanier has been known to hold the biggest Spotted Bass anglers have ever caught. This giant north Georgia lake has very clear water, numerous docks, big blueback herring, and is full of flooded timber. All these ingredients add up to make it be known as one of the top bass fishing lakes in the US. For the past two decades it has consistently stayed in the top 50 among bass fishing tournament lakes. The Spotted Bass here are big, mean, live in large schools, and put up one hell of a fight.  Make sure to read to the bottom to find out How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products may help angler fishing Lake Lanier.

Lake Lanier is an exceptional lake year-round, but it seems to shine really well in the Spring and Summer. The springtime tournaments on Lake Lanier usually take big bags in order to win or even cash a check. During this time, anglers are using a variety of different baits to catch big Spotted Bass that live in Lake Lanier. Anglers can also pattern them several different ways. Probably the best way for anglers to catch the Spotted Bass on Lanier, is to go after them in the deep water. Lake Lanier is full of flooded timber and brush piles. Almost to the point where anglers get lost in the amount of brush and wood that’s in the lake. But this is also one reason why there is such a good population of Spotted Bass in the lake. It also helps that there is large population of Blueback Herring, and other bait fish. The only issue with fishing deep on Lake Lanier, is if there is a windy day. Because of the size of the lake and how it runs north and south, windy days can be pretty brutal when trying to fish the deep water of the lake. Anglers are often very successful when throwing jerkbaits, swimbaits, and finesse presentations on Lake Lanier. 

The Jerkbait

The first technique that is very successful in catching big Spotted Bass on Lake Lanier is a jerkbait. Many of the top jerkbait companies in the industry have used Lake Lanier as their testing grounds when designing new products. A jerkbait is probably the best representation of the Blueback Herring that live in Lake Lanier. The way that a jerkbait darts and swims looks identical to a Blueback Herring in the water when fleeing from predators. The jerkbaits that have more translucent color patterns and dive to the depths of 8 to 10 feet seem to do the best on Lake Lanier. Presentation is very key with a jerkbait on Lake Lanier. Instead of very aggressive twitches to the rod and fishing the bait fast, anglers that slow down seem to have better luck when fishing a jerkbait. Often anglers will cast a jerkbait out, reel it down to the depth that they want to fish, and have a slow 1 to 2 twitches of the bait with long pauses. This presentation will catch way more fish in the springtime. 

Small Finesse Swimbaits

The next technique that many anglers use to catch fish on Lake Lanier is to throw small finesse swimbaits. This this is usually done on spinning rod, with 8-to-10 pound fluorocarbon, and small swimbait heads. Anglers will also use lighter swimbait heads when fishing the small swimbaits on Lake Lanier. Swimbaits that are between 3 to 4 inches mimic the small profile of the Blueback Herring perfectly in Lake Lanier. So, the anglers that uses a 1/4 ounce or smaller swimbait head and also slows way down with their presentation, or more likely to catch the biggest Spotted Bass in Lake Lanier. Numerous of tournaments have been won on Lake Lanier using the small finesse swimbait presentation. The key is to cast the bait out, let it sink to the bottom, and slowly reel it keeping the bait near the bottom. This is a more natural presentation to mimic the baitfish in Lake Lanier in the springtime. And the big Spotted Bass can’t stand it. 

Drop Shots and Ned Heads

Finally, Lake Lanier is a finesse angler’s paradise. Many anglers have been successful on Lake Lanier throwing drop shots and Ned heads on Lake Lanier. A drop shot consists of a small weight, with a hook tied to the line about 6-inches to 10-inches above the weight. This is very successful for anglers because it holds the bait up off the bottom and literally puts it in the face of the fish that are relating to the bottom of the lake. Big Spotted Bass in Lake Lanier often feed up instead of down, so anglers fishing with a drop shot can keep the bait directly in front of the fish’s face. Anglers often use small hand poured worms on a drop shot or craw style plastics. The other finesse techniques that anglers use on Lake Lanier is the Ned head. This consists of a very small jig head with a maximum of a 3-inch worm on the back of it. This is a great representation of the small crawfish that live in Lake Lanier or smaller bait that the fish are keying in on during the springtime. Again, the key to being successful with these baits is to fish them very slow. The slower presentation, the better chances of being successful on Lake Lanier. Because of Lake Lanier being so clear, soft plastic colors such as Watermelon, Watermelon Red, Green Pumpkin, or Watermelon Candy seem to be the most successful for anglers to use on Lake Lanier. 

How CBD Helps Anglers:

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