Lake Norman Fishing Tournaments in 2022

Fishing on Lake Norman in the springtime can produce some of the biggest bags in tournaments. Not only that, but there is also a multitude of ways anglers can catch fish on Lake Norman this time of year. This is also generally when Major League Fishing has its first BFL North Carolina division tournaments, is in the springtime on Lake Norman. In this blog we are going to focus on a topic on Lake Norman that many anglers have different opinions on, and that is fishing docks. Make sure to read to the bottom to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products help anglers fishing Lake Norman.

One thing about fishing docks on Lake Norman, they hold fish year-round. There’s no specific season that is better than the other, however it’s a great starting spot for tournament angler fishing on Lake Norman in the springtime. Dock fishing is exceptional in springtime, especially when they provide a little warmer water that the baitfish is seeking. There are a number of ways that anglers can go fish docks on Lake Norman but breaking down a dock like a brush pile is probably the most common. Anglers will come up and fish the side of the dock, followed by throwing up in the heart of the dock, and then fishing down the other side before they move on.  There’s a lot of different techniques anglers will imply on fishing docks, and a lot of different lures. Anglers will typically fish docs differently, but there’s several different techniques that can be strong on fishing docks on Lake Norman in the springtime. 


Anglers will skip jigs around docks because they resemble bait fish and crawfish that live around the docks. The reason why anglers will skip the jigs up underneath the dock is so that they can maximize the strike zone. Largemouth Bass and Spotted Bass in Lake Norman will be up underneath the dock in the shadow-line. So, it’s important to be very efficient in skipping a jig in order to put the lure where the fish are holding to on the dock. The best jigs on the market for skipping are the ones that have a flatter head to them, which will help them glide across the water surface. This almost resembles a smooth skipping stone. As for the color of jigs anglers will use in Lake Norman, it varies among what the angler is trying to replicate. When they’re wanting to replicate the Shad or Blueback Herring in Lake Norman, they will use color patterns that are typically gray and white with a white trailer. When they’re wanting to replicate the crawfish, they will use more brown and green colors. Some angles are even trying to replicate the bluegill that live in Lake Norman, to which they will throw brown, blue, and yellow colored skirts. Jig trailers vary depending on how high the angler wants to keep the jig up in the water column. If an angler is wanting to fish the surface and keep the bait high, they will want to throw craw-style trailers with a lot of action. This will help the bait to rise and keep it near the surface. If they’re wanting to fish deeper into the midsection of the dock, then they will throw swimbait style trailers. This helps the bait stay suspended and stay lower in the water column as an angler reels the jig back to the boat. 


Swimbaits are absolutely nothing new on Lake Norman to anglers fishing tournaments in the springtime. In all honesty, it’s probably one of the most used baits for tournament anglers on Lake Norman. Because the water is typically very clear and deep, so it is important for anglers to try to match the hatch as much as possible. And there is nothing more realistic to the Largemouth Bass and Spotted Bass in Lake Norman than swimbaits. These differ in size from as small as a 2 1/2 to 3 inch swimbaits, all the way up to a 6 and 7 inch swimbait. Anglers have their own taste on what size they want to throw. However, it has been known that if anglers throw bigger baits, they will get bigger bite. Swimbaits are very hard to skip or throw up underneath the dock. So, they will want to throw the swimbait down the front, down the sides, and up into the boat slips on the docks. The key here is to make multiple casts to really entice the Largemouth Bass and Spotted Bass in Lake Norman into biting. With today’s electronics being as good as they are, anglers can look up underneath the dock to see if there is fish present before even making a cast. They can also see how well the fish are reacting to the swimbaits swimming by them or in front of them. Many anglers will try and use more translucent colors that replicate the Shad and Blueback Herring that live in Lake Norman. The solid colors give off too much flash, and don’t look as natural in the clear water of Lake Norman.


A spinnerbait is another top bait that anglers will throw when fishing docks on Lake Norman. One tip for anglers that want to throw a spinnerbait at docks on Lake Norman is to fish the smallest spinnerbait they possibly can. Some anglers even throw small 1/4oz Crappie fishing spinnerbaits at the Largemouth Bass and Spotted Bass in lake Norman when fishing docks. With the baitfish being so small in the springtime; the smaller the blades on the spinnerbait, the more realistic it looks of the fish. When the water is typically clear, anglers will throw nickel blade color spinnerbaits. As far as skirt colors, they will stick to the more white and gray colors that are more translucent and natural appearing in the water. Sometimes anglers will include a few strands of blue and purple, as these are sometimes top colors that can be included in a spinnerbait skirt that seem to produce a few extra bites in a tournament day. 
These are just a few techniques that anglers can use when fishing docks in the springtime on Lake Norman. Although Lake Norman, and fishing docks, can be done year-round; with the early springtime tournaments quickly approaching, this is a good starting spot for anglers fishing these tournaments. 

How CBD Helps Anglers

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