Lake Oconee Fishing Hot Spots

When we think about the great state of Georgia; we think about peaches, the defending National Champions in college football, and some of the greatest hunting and fishing in the United States. There is a lot of great resources to the outdoors in the state of Georgia, and no exception is the tournament bass fishing lakes that are found in the state. Some of the lakes in the state of Georgia have been known as top hotspots for bass fishing tournaments across the country. But for the locals that call the state of Georgia home, all the lakes are very special to them. In this blog, we are going to talk about Lake Oconee. This is a lake that doesn’t get a whole lot of love; however, it is a lake that sees numerous tournaments each year. Including tournaments held by Major League Fishing and the BFL League. Specifically speaking, we are going to talk about Lake Oconee fishing hot spots and putting one rod into an angler’s hand and fishing that rod throughout an entire tournament and being successful. We are going to talk about skipping docks with a jig on Lake Oconee. Make sure to read to the bottom to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products help anglers fishing Lake Oconee.

The Skipping Docks Technique

Skipping docks is not a new technique. In fact, it is a prime technique for fishing in the springtime when the fish are moving up with the longer days, warmer weather, the moon phase, and chasing bait getting ready for the spawn. Often when tournament anglers go to lakes, such as Lake Oconee, and see docks; they will start their tournament practice there. With the off-colored water in some parts of Lake Oconee and it has a good healthy population of Largemouth Bass, and a great population of baitfish in the lake. This usually all adds up to the docks being a main factor for tournaments in the springtime on Lake Oconee, GA.  
Bass fishing Lake Oconee, GA is very good in the springtime. Tournament anglers here have been known to catch several big bags in tournaments. Some bass tournaments on Lake Oconee, GA had taken more than 20 pounds plus to win. Anglers that pick up a skipping jig and relate to docks all day long on Lake Oconee have great chances in finding success. The key here is to cover a lot of water and fish multiple docks throughout the days of practice. Not only that, but anglers will also want to relate to docks in different parts of the lake, different sections and structure of the lake, and even different kinds of docks. However, when a tournament bass angler can break it down, these are some of the best fishing hotspots in Lake Oconee, GA. 

Identifying the Right Dock to Start Fishing

The first step is to identify the right dock to start fishing. Docks that are relating to river channels, main-lake points, secondary points, and close to spawning flats are going to be high percentage docks that tournament anglers on Lake Oconee should start their practice for a tournament. The next thing to look at is the size of the dock. Does it have multiple boat slips? Does it have a big area that provides a lot of shade under the water? Is it a dock that has rod holders indicating that the dock owner has put out brush piles underneath the dock? Does it relate to a 45° bank or a very steep bank? Does it have a boat in the slip that can make it very hard to cast around, and in some crazy instances, does it have barbwire around it where anglers can’t cast around it at all. This sounds crazy but some dock owners have done this to prevent anglers from fishing their docks. Again, the key here is for a tournament anglers on Lake Oconee to fish multiple different docks and change up the variety. Not only with the dock itself, but the area of the lake that the dock is relating to and the structure around it. Where this is helpful, is if a tournament angler on Lake Oconee is fishing docks on secondary points and not getting bites, but then changes it up to fishing docks relating to main-lake points and starts getting bites; this clearly tells them to relate to more docks on main-lake points and avoid the docks relating to secondary points. 

Color Options for Jigs

Color options for jigs to skip on lake Oconee is pretty simple. In the springtime the fish are going to be feeding up on shad and they are also going to be very defensive toward bluegill. So, anglers who want to put a white-colored swimjig on the deck of their boat to resemble the shad and a Green Pumpkin or Black and Blue swimjig to mimic the bluegill will have a lot of success. The key here is for anglers to mix it up and change colors throughout the day when fishing docks to figure out what the fish are biting. One thing that will hurt and angler in a tournament on Lake Oconee is to be too stubborn and stick with one color too long hoping to make the fish bite. If an angler fishes a couple of docks and feels like they are around an area where the river channel is bumping up against the docks and relating to a main-lake point leading into a spawning pocket, this is a very good recipe for success and if they are not getting bites, they should change colors to improve their odds. 
Lake Oconee holds its own in the state of Georgia when it comes to tournament bass fishing. Anglers coming to the lake in the springtime will be targeting big Largemouth Bass, dirtier water, and have the chance to have a very successful day on the water and in a tournament. 

How CBD Helps Anglers

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