Our Different CBD Programs – A Deeper Look

If you’ve browsed our products or website, you might’ve come across various programs that we offer our customers. It might get jumbled up so we broke down each of them so you know exactly which is right for you. However, our most popular program is our subscribe and save program – you’ll see why in a second. 

Subscribe and Save Program:

A customer-favorite, our subscribe and save program makes your life so much easier. Simply find your favorite Revital Outdoors Premium Broad-Spectrum CBD product and enroll in the program. Additionally, you’ll receive 20% off your purchase and your CBD will be automatically shipped to your door each month. So, you’ll never run out of supply. 

This option is perfect for our customers that routinely enjoy the benefits of consistent intake of CBD. You’ll not have to worry about running out – we’re already working on your next order. We know that there are many things going on in our daily lives and it might be difficult to remember (or find the time) to place your CBD order. 

This program is also great for our CBD Dog Chews. If your dog has found great benefits from CBD, make sure you never run out. Your furry friend deserves consistent support from Premium CBD. 

Referral Program:

Our referral program functions exactly how you might think. You’ll give your friend a 20% coupon link to use on our website, and we’ll give you 20% off to use on your next purchase too. That means, the more friends you invite – the more savings for you! The important part is to make sure that your friend is utilizing your link to make their purchase. If they don’t, you’ll both miss out on the savings we’re offering. 

You can also share your link on your various social media platforms to show your friends and followers your favorite CBD brand. That way – whoever clicks on the link and shops will link back to you, and you’ll receive 20% off your next order. 

Sign up for our referral program here

Wholesale Program:

Partnering with us in 3 easy steps, our CBD wholesale program is designed to allow retail businesses, healthcare professionals, and independent entrepreneurs to capitalize on the rapidly growing CBD market by offering the Revital Outdoors line of premium CBD products. Simply apply on our website here and a Revital Outdoors team member will review your application and be in contact with you. 

By wholesaling with Revital Outdoors, you can ensure quality to your customers with our QR codes and third-party lab testing reports that each of our products offers. That way, your customers know exactly what’s going into their body. As the CBD market surges, it’s hard for consumers to find quality companies that they can trust. Your clientele will not forget the premium CBD that you are offering them.  

Prostaff Program:

The prostaff program is designed to offer a risk-free opportunity to capitalize on the rapidly growing CBD market by offering the Revital Outdoors line of premium CBD products to your family, friends, followers, and fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Plus, we offer 20-25% commission and an aggressive bonus program. Revital Outdoors offers it’s prostaff extensive opportunities to have exponential earning potential. Our program has a quick application process, only three steps to get started. Our team will review your application and get with you shortly about the status. Additionally, we offer a lifetime tracking cookie on our website. If someone you refer to visits our website, their computer receives a tracking cookie. Therefore, if they make a purchase, you’ll be able to earn up to 25% commission. 

Moreover, our prostaff program is competitive because we can’t accept all applicants. We want to find like-minded individuals to share the mission of Revital Outdoors to their viewers and followers. If you want to apply, visit us here

To sum it up…

We offer many great opportunities to save on your favorite Premium Broad-Spectrum CBD products. Our most-loved is our subscribe and save program – check it out next time. You’ll get your CBD shipped automatically to your door each month, no hassle! If you’re looking to join us in partnership through our wholesale or prostaff programs, we look forward to reviewing your application. 

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and a Revital Outdoors Team Member will be in touch with you shortly. 

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