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Post Outdoorsmen Recovery & CBD

Being an outdoorsman, our bodies go through a lot of rigorous activities when we’re out enjoying the great outdoors. Therefore, typically we turn to over-the-counter medicines or even doctor prescribed medicines to help aid relief to our muscles and joints. Just like exercise, being outdoors pursuing our passions can be tied to all sorts of downsides. Especially if you are overdoing it on the water, or hiking through rough terrain while hunting. Individuals who over-indulge in their outdoors hobby, you can experience poor sleep, mood changes, and increased risk of injury. 

So What Is Too Much?

A big question might be, what is too much? That depends on a few different factors, so let’s take a look. Depending on your experience level, getting out and enjoying your hobby might be an everyday occurrence. This might work for you and your body because it’s used to that. However, if you’re newer to the industry, you might want to take it slow to allow for recovery between trips. It mainly depends on how well you’re recovering from the activity. Plus, this can depend on what you do during the post workout period. 

Optimizing your post outdoors activity can help you recover faster and come back more ‘ready’ for your next excursion. Let’s take a look at how CBD could help. 

  • How CBD Could Promote Calmness
  • CBD: Pre or Post Outdoors Activity?
  • Top CBD Products for Recovery

How CBD Could Promote Calmness

Most individuals who take CBD for the first time describe that it makes them feel much more calm. How is that possible? CBD interacts with the production of several classes of hormones. Therefore, when it comes to calmness, CBD is actually reducing your body’s production of cortisol. Cortisol is a glucocorticoid that’s involved with the fight-or-flight response. If you’ve ever experienced sweaty palms and racing heart rate, that was likely cortisol working within your body. 

While cortisol and other stress hormones do have important functions, chronically high cortisol levels are doing the reverse of calmness. They’re also terrible for sleep patterns and early aging effects. So, the good news is that CBD could help you. Studies have shown that CBD may help reduce cortisol production. Cortisol is also responsible for the generation of fear-based memories, CBD could help you forget about unfortunate past events. 

CBD: Pre or Post Outdoors Activity? 

While it’s not a problem to take CBD pre or post outdoors activity, or both, we’d recommend going with post-outdoors activity for CBD use. Why? This is due to the fact that CBD may help get your body back into balance after the rigorous activity. But, at the same time, taking CBD before may help combat any of the effects that the activity will bring. 

Especially if you’re going on a continuous day trip, taking CBD in the morning before getting out to pursue your passions will help combat any bad feelings. Hopefully, you’ll feel more focused, and prepared for the day as well. 

If you’re new to CBD, we recommend starting out taking CBD for post-outdoor activity and noting how you feel. Then, taking another dose in the morning before getting out on the water or in the woods. Therefore, you’ll be able to note exactly how you feel and decide how much MG of CBD you should be taking on a daily basis. 

Top CBD Products for Recovery

Improving recovery time will ultimately be the most important thing to getting back outdoors to enjoy your passions. Some CBD products, like the ones listed below, may be better at that than others. Let’s take a look: 

  • Broad-Spectrum Nano-Emulsified CBD Softgels
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD Salve Stick
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD Cream
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures

Broad Spectrum Nano-Emulsified CBD Softgels

Our #1 Top Seller for a multitude of reasons, our CBD Softgels are the perfect aid to recover from your passions. Due to the fact that they are nano-emulsified, you’ll start to experience the effects quicker than you would a normal CBD product. That’s because it’s more readily digested by the body from that technology. Therefore, they’re 5x more absorbed by the body making them a superior CBD softgel. 

Broad Spectrum CBD Salve Stick

The CBD Salve Stick offers a different line of benefits that vary from the CBD Cream. The stick is unscented and contains 250mg of CBD. You can apply the stick directly on the area of discomfort. Simply twist the bottom of the applicator to get the product to come out. The packaging is compact so you can take it on-the-go wherever you go. 

Broad Spectrum CBD Cream

Our unscented CBD cream has been a popular product for a multitude of reasons. Many of our customers note that taking our CBD Softgels with our CBD Cream is the perfect solution for them. That’s because they’re able to target specific areas of discomfort with the cream. Plus, you’re left with a moisturized feeling on the skin which is the best. It’s also unscented like our Salve Stick. 

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures

Crafted using three high-quality ingredients: organic olive oil, organic peppermint essential oil, and organic broad spectrum hemp extract. Our oil helps promote wellness and provides a sense of calm with a premium THC-free CBD formula. Simply drop a few drops from the easy-to-use dropper under the tongue and hold before swallowing. 

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