Ross Barnett Reservoir Fishing Hot Spots

Don’t get scared of the dirty water on Ross Barnett! In the springtime when tournaments are kicking off out of the state of Mississippi, this is commonly met with the springtime rains. And with the northern estuaries that flow into Ross Barnett filling up with water and mud, this just runs down into Ross Barnett Lake and will not only dirty up the water but bring higher water levels with it. But they should not scare tournament anglers on Ross Barnett, in fact it should excite him a little bit. In this blog, we are going to talk about how to attack dirty water, eliminate fears, and hopefully have more successful days on Ross Barnett and bass fishing tournaments. Make sure to read to the end to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products help anglers fishing the Ross Barnett Reservoir fishing hot spots.

How to Take Advantage of Murky Water When Fishing

The springtime rains and the dirty water in lakes that comes with it after, is something no tournament angler can help prevent. And at some point in their tournament career, they are going to be faced with it. But how does an angler attack the dirty water and use the higher water and the off-color to their advantage. Largemouth Bass in Ross Barnett still must eat, and the first couple days after the water does get muddy it will shut the fish down. But after a couple days of getting used to it, they are going to want to eat in that dirty water. So, what are some baits and what are some tactics in order to be productive. 

Selecting the Perfect Bait

The first is bait selection. This is when a lot of anglers will want to relate to bigger baits, and in colors that will show up a lot better in the dirty water. This is when we talk about flipping big jigs that are black and blue in color, throwing big flashy spinnerbaits, big swimbaits, and flipping big creature baits into the tight cover that the fish will be relating to on Ross Barnett in the springtime. Spinnerbaits with gold blades, and chartreuse skirts will get the best reaction baits in the springtime on Ross Barnett. This is because it gives off a lot of flash and because of the bright color, the Largemouth Bass in Ross Barnett can locate it very easily. The second is flipping the cover with a big black and blue jig. When the water level comes up in the springtime, the largemouth is going follow the water level in Ross Barnett. This will keep them tight to cover and up shallow. So, flipping a big black and blue jig or a big creature bait in on them in a dark color will definitely trigger a lot of bites. The key here is to flip right into the heart of the nastiest cover that an angler can find. Anglers will want to use very heavy fluorocarbon line; this is to fish effectively and not take the chance in breaking off. The last bait that can produce a lot of quality bites when the water comes up on Ross Barnett in the springtime after a big rain, is a big swimbait. This is a bait that the Largemouth Bass on Ross Barnett are going to react to, because this bait resembles the shad and baitfish the bass are feeding up preparing for the spawn, it’s just a bait that they cannot resist. Anglers are going to want to fish bright solid white, shad imitation colors with the swimbaits. This is so it relates exactly to what the bass are feeding on, but also, it’s easier for them to see in the dirty water of Ross Barnett after a springtime rain. 

Springtime Fishing on Ross Barnett

Ross Barnett Reservoir fishing spots that anglers should focusing on for a tournament on Ross Barnett after I springtime rain and the water comes up and gets dirty, are not very different from where they were normally want to try to locate fish. Main-lake points and secondary points are going to be the high percentage areas in this case. And then the coves and creeks that are relating close to main-lake points and secondary points. With the rising water happening after springtime rains on Ross Barnett, the points create a current break which will condense the fish better than anything else on the lake.  Moving water is really hard to beat in the springtime, because it creates a concentration point for largemouth wanting to feet up on shad. So, if an angler starts out on main lake points or secondary points with a spinnerbait or swimbait, and then moves back into creeks or an arm of the lake that relates to the main-lake points or secondary points and starts flipping the brush and visible cover; the chances of getting bit are very high. Once they can locate the specific main-lake points or secondary points where they are getting bites, and then following it up with areas they can flip cover, this is when they can start establishing a pattern of fishing spots on Ross Barnett. And especially in Ross Barnett, an angler could potentially put several of these locations together to fishing tournaments and have a chance at really doing well! 

How CBD Helps Anglers

Whilst fishing, it’s common to feel joint discomfort and pain after the amount of repetitions your entire body has been doing battling different circumstances on the lake. But, you don’t have to continue to live that uncomfortably. We invite you to give the Premium CBD Cream a shot, especially when you’re looking at a long weekend on the water. Our 250mg CBD cream can target joints and muscles on the spot by simply rubbing the cream into the affected area. In a little bit, you’ll start to realize that you feel better and like you could fish the whole next day. If you’re new to CBD and not sure how to get started, join us here. We’ll go into depth about everything you should know about your CBD products.

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