Silent Crankbaits on Lake Pickwick

As anglers prepare for the springtime bass fishing tournament season to get here, many of them will be looking up new techniques and new baits to try to be more successful on the water this year. Lake Pickwick, and the anglers that fish there in tournaments, is no exception. In fact, if there were ten lakes in the country were anglers really study hard about using new techniques or new baits to give them an edge on their performance, Lake Pickwick would be on that list. Lake Pickwick is known for anglers to be able to catch a lot of quality fish throwing swimbaits, crankbaits, spoons, and other reaction baits. The lake has it all; it’s known to have good years of grass in it, it has docks, it has ledges, and a lot of rocky shorelines. So how can anglers get an edge on Lake Pickwick?  This blog will discuss one edge anglers have been using over the course of the last few years to count for a few more extra bites in a tournament throughout the day. Make sure to read to the bottom to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products helps anglers when fishing Lake Pickwick.

The Silent Crankbait Fishing Technique

Crankbait fishing is nothing new to bass fishing, and especially to tournament bass anglers. Anglers have been fishing crankbaits since the 60s and 70s. In fact, the first Bassmaster Classic ever fished in the late 70s, a primary bait that was used was a crankbait by all the anglers in the field. All hardbait companies today have some sort of variation of crankbait, and in most cases multiple variations of crankbaits. Crankbait industry is absolutely endless. So, what is something anglers can do to the crankbaits, or a variation of crankbait that they can use to still get good quality bites on crankbaits when the fish in Lake Pickwick have seen thousands and thousands of different crankbaits come by their face throughout the year. One of these techniques is to throw silent crankbaits. Especially if the water is a little bit stained after a good rain in the springtime, a silent crankbait can be absolutely lethal. This is because it acts more as a finesse presentation. Instead of the fish hearing the crankbait coming at them, silent crankbaits can all of a sudden surprise the fish in their face creating more of a reaction strike. So, this is a great technique to use when the fish have been pressured heavily throughout the spring on Lake Pickwick. This is also great for anglers that have found a great school of bass reacting to crankbaits and they have caught a few fish, and then all of a sudden, the fish stop biting. This little change can fire the school back up almost immediately and account for a few more fish in the livewell by the end of the day.  

Crankbait Colors

As far as crankbait colors go in a silent pattern; anglers have been known to do a little bit better and get a few more bites with more subtle colors in a shad pattern. Instead of using the bright chartreuse, or yellow patterns; anglers have said to do better throwing more traditional shad pattern colors when throwing a silent crankbait. Because the bait is already surprising the fish enough from being silent and they can’t hear the bait coming to the water column, the more subtle shad patterns seem to get a few more bites. 
Using silent crankbaits is not something anglers are successful with either fishing deep or shallow. Anglers have been successful using silent crankbaits up shallow and deep on Lake Pickwick. Especially in the springtime when the fish are actively feeding and getting ready for the spawn. This is ultimately the best time to hit Lake Pickwick anyway, so using a silent version crankbait can make a good day into a great day. This is also something that anglers don’t independently relate to, they are more inclined to put a silent crankbait on the deck and the same color pattern as a crankbait that has a rattles in it. This is just another variation of a bait to fish on Lake Pickwick that the fish already react to; just with a little bit of a change to get a better reaction. 

How CBD Helps Anglers

When fishing Lake Pickwick and finding the perfect silent crank bait, it can take some time to figure out what works and how to find the sweet spot. This is why taking your Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Softgels with you makes all the difference. These softgels are easy-to-swallow and formatted with 25mg of CBD. We ensure that our softgels are superior, therefore, we go the extra mile during the production process. Each of our softgels go through a nano-emulsion technology process to break down the CBD molecules so they can be better absorbed by the body. This means that our product is more efficient, and that you can get the same results with a smaller dosage. If you’re just starting out, we also offer our everyday softgels in 10mg CBD as well, you can take a look here.

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