Skipping Docks on Lake Norman in The Spring

On the East Coast the United States, in the beautiful state of North Carolina, and in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains is Lake Norman. Lake Norman, like other lakes in United States, is a beautiful clearwater lake full of Spotted Bass. Make sure to read to the bottom to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products help anglers fishing Lake Norman.
In previous blogs, we have talked about fishing for Spotted Bass and throwing Swimbaits, Alabama Rigs, and Finesse Baits to catch large limits in tournaments. However, on Lake Norman there’s a little bit of a change in how to catch the bass. Lake Norman is full of docks, a year-round factor into tournaments and being successful on the lake. The docks on Lake Norman have always been a factor in tournaments. The majority of anglers who have won on Lake Norman have either directly related to fishing docks, or throughout their tournament have caught at least one or two keepers off of a dock. 

In the springtime and pre-spawn on Lake Norman, there are anglers that will fish only docks and get away from the other pre-spawn patterns. On Lake Norman the docks that are relating to main-lake points, secondary points, close to river-channel banks, and hold quality brush piles; will always factor in helping an angler to being successful on Lake Norman. The docks that are relating to any of the mentioned areas on Lake Norman, but also lead into a spawning bay, will be the best to target. 

How Do I Catch Fish Off Docks?

A common question anglers ask when fishing docks, not just on Lake Norman but many lakes throughout the country is: How do I approach it and how do I catch fish off docks? This is a common question because dock fishing is known to be some of the hardest patterns for anglers to relate to in tournaments. However, it can be a little easier for anglers on Lake Norman. Baits such as jigs, wacky worms, and swimbaits; all can be successful in Lake Norman. In turn, anglers will be able to reduce the number of rods on their deck in the early spring tournaments on Lake Norman.  

Skipping a jig on the docks of Lake Norman is probably the best technique in the early springtime. Some anglers will want to throw bladed jigs, and other anglers will want to throw more common in swimjigs. There are some anglers that might even throw crawfish style jigs into the docks and swim them back to the boat. Whatever, an angler has confidence in, can catch them on Lake Norman in the springtime during tournaments.  

For the jigs of the angler wants to use, the jigs that have a flatter head to them seem to get the best skipping action. This allows anglers to cast the jigs further up underneath the docks. What does this do? It keeps the bait into the strike zone longer. For bladed jigs, anglers were often throwing lighter sized bladed jigs, and this allows them to keep higher into the water column and also in the strike-zone. The best strike-zone for anglers to keep their baits at in the docks of Lake Norman, are between the shadow-line of the sun and the shade. The reason for this is baitfish will often relate themselves in the shadow-line because there is warmer water, and it protects them from being shown in the sunny areas. However, the bass are not easily fooled, they also want to relate to the warmer water from the dock, and often find themselves seeing bait in the same area. 

Color Patterns for Baits

Color patterns for the jigs and chatterbaits that anglers want to throw in docks on Lake Norman is very simple, anything that is Shad-Pattern, or related, will get the job done. So, the skirts with white, blue, chartreuse, gray, or any other shad mimicking colors will be the best bet. Trailers is ultimately up to the angler. Many anglers will use paddle tail style swimbait trailers, and others will use crawfish style trailers to keep the bait high in the water column. The key here is to just experiment and see what the fish will react to. 
Lake Norman is a very diverse lake. For anglers that are wanting to catch quality Spotted Bass in the US, they will want to go to Lake Norman for a fishing opportunity, or even a bass fishing tournament. Many professional anglers call home to Lake Norman. It is full of docks and a lot of structure that anglers can relate to throughout the entire year. 

How CBD Helps Anglers:

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