Spring Fling on Lake Martin

Lake Martin in Alabama is a lake that doesn’t get a lot of attention, but it can be one of the most absolute dominant lakes in the state of Alabama during springtime. Lake Martin, honestly, is somewhat out of place. The reason for this, its deep clearwater impoundment within the state. It resembles a lake in the Ozarks. It’s full of Largemouth Bass, and Spotted Bass, and is a finesse anglers paradise. Make sure to read to the bottom to see exactly how you can improve your fishing game with Revital Outdoors Premium CBD products.

Located almost in the central part of Alabama, Lake Martin has been home to numerous professional level tournaments but is also visited each year by the weekend warriors and grassroots level anglers. Also, the Major League Fishing BFL Bama division, makes at least one stop per year at thnotorious lake. Lake Martin sets up perfectly for springtime tournaments. How? Because it’s full of clear water, and deep structure. Anglers fishing tournaments here can do a variety of different things to catch. However, in the springtime, especially in mid to late March, there’s nothing better than beating the bank with a finesse presentation or a chatterbait to try and catch a limit on Lake Martin. 

Spring Fishing on Lake Martin, AL

To start off on Lake Martin in Alabama, during the month of March and early April, fish are generally cruising up shallow getting ready to spawn. Some fish are even up on the bed spawning at the time most tournaments start taking place on Lake Martin. Although the lake is full of big Spotted Bass, and Largemouth Bass; anglers do very well on Lake Martin when they target just Largemouth Bass. Many anglers will throw finesse techniques shallow when they feel like they are fishing the heart of the spawn, they can also get by with moderate reaction baits to trigger the bass in Lake Martin into biting.   

Types of Baits


The first technique that always shines the best for anglers fishing tournaments on Lake Martin, is a chatterbait. A chatterbait is one of those versatile baits an angler will ever pick up. Anglers fishing chatterbaits can fish grass, brush piles and wood, docks, main lake and secondary points, and spawning flats. There’s no wrong way to fish a chatterbait, however some anglers believe that a chatterbait is best suited for yo-yoing through the water column. What this means is casting the chatterbait out, and letting it hit the bottom. Once the chatterbait hits the bottom many anglers will start to slow roll the chatterbait back to the boat so it stays on the bottom, or they will start yo-yoing the bait. The yo-yoing technique is very effective, especially in the springtime, because it resembles a very easy meal to Largemouth Bass and mimics perfectly the dying bait fish in the lake this time of year. Color selection on Lake Martin for chatterbait is very simple. Anglers will want to directly relate to the shad in Lake Martin, so the white color patterns, and shad patterns are perfect for fishing a chatterbait in Lake Martin in the springtime. 

Wacky Worm

The next dominant technique on Lake Martin in the springtime, is a wacky worm. A wacky worm is one of the deadliest baits a tournament bass angler can pick up in the springtime. Especially on a lake that has clear water, deep structure, and is in the middle of the spawn. Because the fish are relating so shallow, an easy meal like a wacky worm is always bound to get bites. Anglers are known for throwing Senko style baits rigged wacky style, as well as finesse worms rigged wacky style as well to make this technique work the best. Color selection varies on which part of the lake anglers are fishing on Lake Martin in Alabama. For anglers fishing up the river, this area tends to have more dirty water. So, anglers will want to relate to the dark colors such as black and blue and Junebug in order to get bites. However down in the main lake, where the water is clear, anglers will want to use more natural color soft plastics to be successful. This includes watermelon, watermelon red, watermelon candy, green pumpkin, and other natural brown and green color patterns. The key to throwing a wacky worm technique on Lake Martin in the springtime, is to cover water. The more water an angler can cover, the better probability they must catching a limit, and a kicker fish for their limit. 

Pro Tip: When You See Pollen on the Water

The other sign that anglers will face on Lake Martin in Alabama in springtime that tells them to key up shallow and catch spawning fish, is the pollen on the water. A good rule of thumb for bass anglers in the Ozarks, and on Lake Martin, Alabama, is if they see pollen on the water this is a sure sign to go up shallow and start throwing wacky worm or other soft plastic bait to catch their fish.  

Regardless of what an angler does in the springtime on Lake Martin. Remember that Lake Martin is one of the easier lakes for bass tournament anglers to narrow down during the springtime tournaments. Once they establish a pattern on Lake Martin, many anglers can run that pattern for several weeks. 

How CBD Helps Anglers:

When fishing Lake Martin, packing our top-rated 25mg nano-emulsified softgels in your tackle box will come in handy on the water. Battling unknown conditions such as wind, wake, and water can really start to cause some inflammation and irritation in your joints that are repeatedly working to catch largemouth bass. Joints such as your elbow, shoulder, and more are consistently having their muscle spindles torn down and eventually you’ll start to feel some uncomfortable side effects. We also recommend taking our CBD softgels after your fishing excursions to help promote recovery.

Nano-emulsification is an additional process we put our softgels and gummies through to make the absorb up to five times quicker. This means, you don’t have to pack up and go home when the onset of inflammation occurs. You’re probably aware that oil and water don’t mix. However, our bodies are made up of 60% water, and therefore our bodies aren’t absorbing as much CBD when you consume a CBD oil product. So, with the nano emulsion technology, we decrease the particle size of the CBD molecules, which results in a water-soluble CBD with an increased bioavailability to be better absorbed by the body. This means that you’ll notice benefits similar to a larger dose of an average CBD product but you’re not having to take as much. Simply place one softgel in your mouth and swallow – you should start to notice a difference in about 20 to 30 minutes. Want to know more about CBD Softgels? Read this!

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