Springtime Fishing Success on Lake Ouachita

The last time we talked about fishing in Arkansas, we went over the first Major League Fishing BFL event in the Arkie division which will be held on Lake Hamilton. The second event of the season will be held not too far from there, what is considered the sister lake to Lake Hamilton, and that is Lake Ouachita. Lake Ouachita, like all the other major lakes in the state of Arkansas, holds a lot of bass fishing tournament history. This has been home to numerous to tour level events, several championship bass tournaments, and is also home to many professional bass anglers. It also is exceptionally good to go fishing on in the early spring. Make sure to read to the bottom to find out How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD products may help any springtime fishing success on Lake Ouachita.

The early spring bite on Lake Ouachita is phenomenal. Probably the best springtime fishery that the state of Arkansas has to offer is Lake Ouachita. Anglers can do just about whatever they want in the springtime to catch the Largemouth and Spotted Bass that live there. Alabama Rigs, jigs, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and fishing docks are all great patterns in the early spring. Even if anglers that want to go deep and fish the flooded timber in 70 to 100 foot of water can do that too on Lake Ouachita. The lake is a deep, clear water reservoir that holds a lot of baitfish and crawfish. So, it’s no wonder why the bass population is so good on Lake Ouachita. It also has a very healthy population of walleye and stripers. 

The Best Fishing Baits for Lake Ouachita

Although anglers can do just about whatever they want in the springtime on Lake Ouachita to catch fish. Exceptional baits are small flat-sided crankbaits, an Alabama Rig, and jigs. Lake Ouachita is full of flooded timber, but the banks are what hold the best population of largemouth. Lake Ouachita has exceptional pee gravel, bluff walls, and rocky shoreline that always hold fish. The best areas of the lake in the springtime, like any other lake, are those that have deep water close to a spawning area. If there is an area of the lake that has a spawning flat, deep water, and is close to the river channel; these areas always seem to be the best. 


As far as crankbaits, many anglers will turn to crawfish pattern Shad Raps and Wiggle Wart style crankbaits. Anything in the brown, orange, or red color pattern seems to really shine in the springtime on Lake Ouachita. Anglers will often beat the bank with a spinning rod and light line, with a number 4 or number 6 Shad Rap making multiple casts to break down the areas. Many angles are throwing 8-pound fluorocarbon, almost the same set up that they would throw a Dropshot or a Shaky Head on. The small little crawfish crankbaits can provide for a great day is on the water. The key is to always make sure that the crankbait is bumping the bottom. And a crawfish this is an exceptional meal for the Largemouth and Spotted Bass in Lake Ouachita. 

Alabama Rig

Next, of course, is the Alabama Rig. There’s no difference in how to fish the Alabama Rig and swimbaits an angler wants to use than if they were fishing Lake Hamilton. Again, the Alabama Rig really shines when an angler is using 3 1/2 to 4 inch swimbaits and fished in the top of the flooded trees on Lake Ouachita, or anywhere that has brush piles with fish on them. The fish on Lake Ouachita are a little bit more keyed in on the brush and the wood. This is where anglers in the state of Arkansas first started experiencing phenomenal days with the Alabama Rig, when fished near brush piles. Lake Ouachita really started to show out once anglers started fishing with Alabama Rigs near brush piles. 

Football Head Jig

Finally, probably one of the best big fish baits that is on the market, a big football head jig on Lake Ouachita can be deadly. Many anglers are throwing 3/4 ounce to 1 ounce football head jigs and fish them in extremely deep water. Anglers in the early spring are catching pre-spawn fish anywhere between 20 and 40 feet of water with a football hedging. Like the crawfish pattern crankbaits, anglers are using a mixture of brown, orange, and red in their jig skirts. Lake Ouachita is also known to produce very well on jigs, when the angler is using living rubber in the jig skirt. The key was fishing at jig on Lake Ouachita, especially in the early spring and spring time, is to slow way down. Anglers often call it “counting rocks” with such a slow presentation. Jigs can be thrown anywhere on Lake Ouachita and be successful. However, the anglers that are throwing them at brush piles, or the main lake points with lots of rock on them seem to have better results when fishing jig on lake Ouachita. 
These are just some of the tips, and the baits that have really helped anglers be successful on Lake Ouachita in the springtime. A lot of these mentioned techniques will be used by the BFL anglers in the second tournament of the season for the Arkie Division. The weights could be pretty impressive in the springtime on Lake Ouachita. It’s not uncommon to see several bags over 20 pounds with a five fish limit. 

How CBD Helps Anglers:

As avid anglers, it’s common to develop arthritis overtime with the amount of pressure our bodies are under on the water. This is because arthritis is linked to the swelling are joint pain and stiffness. Therefore, we recommend taking our 25mg Premium CBD Softgels with you on Lake Ouachita to combat this. Our softgels are highly rated due to the proprietary process that they endure. This process is called nano-emulsion and essentially breaks down the molecules to be better absorbed by the body. Therefore, making our product more efficient, ultimately meaning you can receive the same benefits using a lesser quantity. It is a big deal.

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