Steven Obester, MLF/BFL Regional Tournament

Heading into the BFL Regional Championship I was anxious with anticipation although I knew my skills are what lead me to this point and relaying on my skills is what would qualify me for All American. Prior to the championship I put in more than 40 hours in practice, covering water from the north end of St Johns to south Astor. During practice I was determining where fish would be and what those specific fisheries were attracted to. Although this practice was essential, I knew that during the tournament my location would be dependent on my boating making my mind set more general towards what gear that would be necessary.  


During the tournament my first boater was geared towards dock fishing, whereas that was not what I had practiced on the St. Johns river previously. This was situation where I was not as confident, subsequently, my boater and I spent much of the day without a bite. I swapped out multitudes of baits and out of desperation picked up my wife’s spinning road with a wacky rig loaded with a Gambler Sweebo Junebug Trick Worm pitching it under the docks and near pilings. After 1:00 pm this generated my first bite that ended up being a five pounder, my biggest of the tournament.  Going into day two starting with junk fishing, looking for schooling bass where we came across a wood line where bass were busting on shad. I immediately grabbed my Vexan rod paired with a WarEagle Spinner Bait. This ended in a five bass limit at 12.5 pounds within 45 minutes. The last day I was paired with Robert Crosnoe he set my expectations to be punching mats with a 1.5 once weight. I tied on the Sweet Beaver by Reaction Innovation. Within two hours I had caught my first and only fish, weighing three pounds four ounces.   


With this being my first year in tournament fishing and in the BFL tournaments, this is an unbelievable achievement. This year’s progress still has not hit me and I cannot believe I made it this far considering it can take some years to achieve making this prestigious All-American Title. Making All American, I am looking forward to what has yet to come and fishing Arkansas, a place I have never been. I am ready to catch the bass at this upcoming location and continue my journey with the MLF/BFL.  

I would like to shout out my wife, my friends and family for being my biggest supporters. As well as: Vexan Rods, Bill Lewis, Gambler Lures, Revital Outdoors, BNB Beards, ZMan, Prostele Active Wear, Owner Hooks and Seaguar. 

-Steven Obester 


  1. Congratulations Steven, I’m so proud of you. It’s been so much fun watching you progress through your tournaments. I know you have many more wins in front of you.

  2. Proud of all your accomplishments Steven I do however want to hear about the one that got away. Can’t wait to see you and your family. All my love neph.

  3. Steven, so proud of you chasing your dream. It is a journey that I and many others enjoy watching you do. Taking you fishing with me since you were 5, I never imagined you’d be “hooked” as I was at that age from my father. Keep reaching and chasing, you are on the right road to success. Tight lines son, can’t wait to see where this adventure lands you.
    Love, Dad

  4. Just saw this article and love hearing it in your words!
    Uncle Johnny and I are so Proud of all your hard work to accomplish your pathway to being successful in your life’s dream!!! Keep up the Excellent Work …. We are all very proud of you!!! We send our Love ♥️

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