The Best Lake Cherokee Fishing Spots for Bass Fishing

Cherokee Lake is known for having big Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass in it. It is also a phenomenal bass tournament like in the state of Tennessee and is host too many tournaments throughout the year. But the best tournaments seen on Cherokee Lake happen in the spring. In this blog we are going to talk about covering water on Lake Cherokee and being very effective at dialing in practice before a tournament on this phenomenal Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass body of water. This is going to really please the power fishermen that love to cover a lot of water throughout a tournament day and put themselves in a position to get the biggest bites. Make sure to read to the end to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products help anglers bass fishing on Lake Cherokee.

Bait Selection

The first step into being a better power angler on Cherokee Lake in Tennessee is finding the right baits to throw. In practice angles are going to want to cover a lot of water and fish baits that the Smallmouth Bass Largemouth Bass will react to very well in the springtime. Two of the baits that they can throw to make sure that this happens and that they are effective as possible, is throwing a crankbait and a jerkbait. Crankbaits will serve as a little bit more of a fish locator, while the jerkbait will be a great follow-up bait for the anglers wanting to get a few more bites. It almost acts like a one-two punch; the crankbait serves as the left hand, and the jerkbait will serve as the right hand. Often times anglers will catch a lot more numbers on the crankbait, but a lot better quality on the jerkbait. 


Starting with a crankbait. Often times on Cherokee Lake in the springtime, the Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass will be relating better to crawfish style color patterns. They also are going to be in the mid-section of the water depth relating to rock and riprap. So, if an angler picks up a medium diving crankbait that runs between 8 and 15 feet of water and is in a crawfish color pattern, they are probably going to be very effective on Cherokee Lake in the springtime. This is the first step in to being successful in bass fishing tournaments on Cherokee Lake. Another tip for practice is to put multiple different craw style colors of crankbaits on the deck of the boat. Sometimes the bass want crankbaits in a crawfish pattern with a little bit more yellow, other times they will want a little more orange, and then sometimes they react really well to crawfish style crankbaits with red in them. The key here is to fish main lake points, secondary points, and areas around the river channel leading into spawning pockets where the fish will be relating to in the springtime. 

Once a tournament angler on Cherokee Lake has located an area throwing a crankbait in practice where they are getting a few bites, that is where they can pick up the jerkbait and really dissect the area that they found. Again, these areas in the springtime on Cherokee Lake are going to be around main-lake points, secondary points, and river channel areas leading into the back 0f spawning pockets. The key is to remember the Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass are both wanting to move up in the springtime and are heavily feeding in preparation for the spawn. When the tournaments start happening on Cherokee Lake, usually they have gotten out of their winter pattern and are relating to the more middle section of the water column. So once anglers have found these key bites with either the Largemouth Bass or the Smallmouth Bass on a crankbait, this is where the jerkbait can really fire up.


When an angler goes down the bank and only gets one or two bites, he can turn around and go back down that same bank the opposite direction throwing a jerkbait which will resemble more of a dying baitfish and create more of a reaction strike to the fish. This is especially true with a jerkbait, jerkbaits are one of the top producing baits for big Smallmouth Bass in Cherokee Lake. Cadence of the jerkbait is going to be very key here. Anglers will want to experiment with different retrieves and pauses while twitching their jerkbait. Smallmouth Bass usually like a very violent cadence to the retrieve, but then there are days that they want a lot slower retrieve and an almost finesse style of feathering the jerkbait back to the boat. For jerkbait colors, anglers will want to relate to shad patterns because this will resemble a dying baitfish very closely in Cherokee Lake. However, sometimes anglers will throw a jerkbait in a shad pattern with a bright chartreuse belly on the jerkbait. Often Smallmouth Bass will react better to the bright chartreuse and yellow color patterns. 
These are just a few more tips that anglers can use when fishing bass tournaments on Cherokee Lake in Tennessee. Throwing a crankbait and a jerkbait no secret to tournament bass fishing in the springtime. But it can also serve as a great search tool in practice and is something that every angler should rely heavily on when fishing on Cherokee Lake in the upcoming BFL tournament with Major League Fishing. 

How CBD Helps Anglers

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