The Best Lake Keowee Fishing Spots for Bass Fishing

Fishing on Lake Keowee in South Carolina can provide really strong days for tournament anglers in the springtime. Lake Keowee doesn’t get a whole lot of love sometimes because of a lot more attention being devoted toward its sister lake, Lake Hartwell. However, Lake Keowee still has a great population of Largemouth Bass and Spotted Bass and has been home to several national championship tournaments in the past because of its unique size and ability to produce pretty good bags in the springtime for tournaments bass anglers. In this blog we are going to discuss some of the top techniques anglers can use when fishing Lake Keowee in the springtime and wanting to catch the Spotted Bass that live there.  Make sure to read to the bottom to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products help anglers fishing Lake Keowee.

Best Bait for Tournament Bass Fishing on Lake Keowee

Shad Pattern Baits

For fishing bass tournaments on Lake Keowee, anglers are going to want to relate to shad pattern baits in their arsenal. Shad pattern baits and moving style-reaction baits are very key in the springtime on any Spotted Bass Lake. Finesse presentations are still very good; however, anglers will use reaction baits to try to locate fish and areas holding fish during practice. Two styles of baits that will produce great results on Lake Keowee in the springtime are Alabama Rigs, and jigging spoons. Both of which are very good when fished around the brush piles found on Lake Keowee, or brush piles found underneath some of the docks on Lake Keowee. The key for any tournaments bass angler to find better quality fish in Lake Keowee in the springtime, is to find good quality brush piles holding fish. With today’s electronics and technology, this becomes an easier task than in years past for tournament bass anglers.  

Alabama Rig

When throwing an Alabama Rig, anglers will want to throw 3 inch or smaller swimbaits for fishing on Lake Keowee in the springtime. This is because it resembles the smaller baitfish that the Spotted Bass are feeding up on, any of the swimbaits that are 3.3, 2.8, or 2.6 inches are perfect for what anglers are talking about when throwing on the Alabama Rig. Anglers will want to spend many hours in practice on their electronics locating brush piles in areas that are notorious for holding bass in the springtime on Lake Keowee. These are areas just off main-lake points, secondary points, or areas relating to the river channel leading into the spawning pockets. An angler can easily find some of these areas looking at a map of Lake Keowee, and then concentrate their time during practice in these areas looking for brush piles, and hopefully the tournament winning fish. Once an angler has located these areas, throwing an Alabama Rig is a great way to see how reactive the fish are relating to the brush piles. Anglers will want to strategically countdown the Alabama Rig to where it swims just above the top of the brush pile. Most Alabama Rigs sink at a rate of 2 feet per 1 second count. So, if an angler throws the Alabama Rig out to a brush pile that is in 14 feet of water, they will want to do a 7 second count and then start reeling back to the boat. Some anglers like to put in a pause, or a jerk of the Alabama Rig when swimming it back to the boat. This is not always necessary because the swimming action and the look of the Alabama Rig is almost identical to what the fish are chasing in the springtime. If an angler makes a couple of castes without getting a bite, then they should move on to other areas. However more than just making a few casts, and angler will want to change his angle of the cast as well. It just takes a little bit of patience and some experimenting with the casting.  

Jigging Spoon

The next bait is a small, finesse jigging spoon. This is a bait that many tournament anglers don’t consider when fishing on Lake Keowee, however it is a phenomenal bait for catching big Spotted Bass and really shines in clear water also. Once an angler has located a brush pile that is holding fish onto it and has caught a couple of fish throwing an Alabama Rig, they will want to start throwing a jigging spoon right on top of the brush pile; just to give the fish something different to look at and react to. This is a great way to catch a few bonus fish if an angler has located a brush pile holding multiple Spotted Bass on it. The jigging spoon resembles a small dying baitfish, but more importantly an easy meal to the hungry Spotted Bass living in Lake Keowee. So, it’s a great back up bait to the Alabama Rig.  
These are just a couple of bait options for anglers fishing tournaments in South Carolina and getting ready to fish on Lake Keowee in the springtime. Again, Lake Keowee doesn’t get a whole lot of love sometimes from tournament bass anglers, but it can hold its own in the springtime for tournament trails that hold events there. 

How CBD Helps Anglers

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