Top Baits on Lake Keowee in the Springtime

One South Carolina bass fishing lake that doesn’t get a lot of attention, known as the sister lake to Lake Hartwell, is Lake Keowee. Lake Keowee. holds its own when it comes to big Spotted Bass, deep clear water, and overall great tournaments for bass fishing. There have been numerous championship tournaments, regional tournaments, and college level tournaments on Lake Keowee in the past years. All of which have produced decent weights and have put Lake Keowee on the map. This blog with Revital Outdoors will reveal why lake Keowee should be on the bucket list of all tournament bass anglers. Make sure to read to the end to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products help anglers springtime fishing at Lake Keowee.

Lake Keowee, as mentioned above, is the sister lake to Lake Hartwell. When bass anglers think about Lake Hartwell, they think about deep clear water, big Spotted Bass, docks, and other great attributes to a successful South Carolina bass fishing lake. There is no wonder why the Major League Fishing BFL South Carolina division goes to this lake every year during their schedule. So, let’s look at some of the techniques on Lake Keowee that will never let a tournament bass fishing angler down, or any angler.

The Jerkbait

A jerkbait is probably one of the best baits to throw in the springtime on deep clear lakes full of Spotted Bass. There is no wrong way to throw a jerkbait. On Lake Keowee, anglers can throw a jerkbait along docks, bluff walks, points, and over brush piles. Color options really do not matter, however with the deep clearwater, anglers have had the best luck with color patterns relating to the Blueback Herring and translucent colors. For the springtime, and in the cooler water temperatures, anglers that use a twitch-pause or a twitch-twitch-pause cadence in the retrieve will have the best of luck. Keeping it to a maximum of one or two twitches during the retrieve. This works best because in the springtime and cooler temperatures, Blueback Herring and Shad in Lake Keowee are either dying, or having trouble swimming because of the cooler temperatures.  

The Dropshot

Another technique many anglers will use on Lake Keowee in the springtime is a dropshot. A dropshot is a finesse technique which consists of a weight at the bottom of an angler’s line with a hook attached to the line above the weight. This is such a great technique because it holds a bait off the bottom and is also great for Spotted Bass that are suspended in Lake Keowee. The key to this technique is to move the bait violently without moving the weight. This technique works exceptionally well for fish on brush piles. Anglers can rig a dropshot with either worms, or shad imitation baits when fishing for Spotted Bass on Lake Keowee. Although this technique excels for suspended Spotted Bass or fish on brush piles, there is really no wrong way to fish a dropshot. Anglers have had great luck on Lake Keowee throwing a dropshot as a ‘back-up’ technique to other baits they are throwing. This means if an anglers has located some fish on their electronics, and have thrown reaction baits with no luck; a dropshot is another way to get the Spotted Bass in Lake Keowee to bite. This is because of its natural presentation and erratic action in the water.  

The jig

The last technique anglers can use on Lake Keowee in the springtime is a jig. Jigs work very well for Spotted Bass in Lake Keowee because a jig resembles a big crawfish. Crawfish is a great meal to Spotted Bass in Lake Keowee because it provides a high protein meal, and the essential nutrients Spotted Bass need for extra strength when thinking about the spawn. Many anglers will throw smaller football-head jigs with a green pumpkin, brown, and orange colored skirt. In the early spring, crawfish on Lake Keowee will have a lot of orange and red colorations to them, so that is something anglers will definitely want to replicate in their jig skirts. As for trailers, the more natural ‘do-nothing’ trailers on a jig seem to get better bites. Again, with the cold water in the springtime on Lake Keowee, fish and the crawfish are slow and sluggish. So jig trailers that have little to no action look more natural to Spotted Bass in Lake Keowee.  

These are just a few of the techniques that can produce a lot of success for anglers fishing springtime tournaments on Lake Keowee. Although the Spotted Bass haven’t pulled all the way shallow to start spawning, this is still a great time of year for anglers to fish tournaments and have great success in the state of South Carolina.  

How CBD Helps Anglers

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