What do Smallmouth Bass Eat? Best Smallmouth Bass Lures

The smallmouth bass on Lake Dale Hollow have been on the bucket list of tournament anglers as old as time. Smallmouth Bass fishing period are some of the most sought-after fishing that there is, and every time tournament anglers go to Lake Dale Hollow this is one of the first things they look for: where are the smallmouth and can they win the tournament? In the springtime, Smallmouth Bass are on the attack on Dale Hollow, and one of the best areas to target them is in the clear water. Yeah, this is not what some anglers want to hear, but this is a great pattern to run in the springtime to catch a big bag of Smallmouth. Make sure to read to the bottom to see How Revital Outdoors Premium CBD Products help anglers fishing Lake Dale Hollow.

The best live bait for smallmouth is without a doubt the shad that live in Dale Hollow Lake. So, anglers throwing baits that replicate the shad will have the best results. Another tip about Smallmouth Bass, is they love bright colored baits. So, the bright chartreuse, orange, red, and white colors in baits will produce the best results. Here is a list of baits that tournament anglers can be armed with when targeting the clear water of Dale Hollow Lake and the aggressive Smallmouth Bass.  


A spinnerbait is one of the most productive Smallmouth Bass baits to ever hit an angler’s tacklebox. Although there is an endless assortment of spinnerbaits on the market, here is a guide to getting more bites when throwing a spinnerbait for Smallmouth Bass in Dale Hollow Lake. The bright chartreuse colors and bright white colors seem to work best. Also, the spinnerbaits on the market that have this color of skirts, with painted blades to match these colors work very well. Painted blades make Smallmouth Bass react better. There is no real explanation for this, but the added bright colors going through the water column seem to really trigger the bites better.  

When throwing a spinnerbait in Dale Hollow Lake to target Smallmouth Bass, anglers will want to throw at a variety of targets. In the springtime, Smallmouth Bass are relating to structure and current breaks. Wood is a great starting place. Anytime an angler can go down a main-lake bank that has wood or brush on it is a great holding area for the Smallmouth Bass on Dale Hollow Lake. The next is current breaks, this is normally found around points that have current flowing over them. The Smallmouth Bass of Dale Hollow Lake like to relate to a current break because this is a great ambush point for bait, which provide an easy meal for the Smallmouth Bass. Anywhere, such as point that provide a current break that creates a backwater calm area is perfect to throw a spinnerbait into.  


It is no secret that Smallmouth Bass have reacted to crankbaits better than any other bait in an anglers tacklebox. Also, a crankbait is absolutely deadly on Dale Hollow Lake in the springtime. Due to the amount of rock and brush in Dale Hollow Lake, a squarebill crankbait is the best option. The squarebill provides a great deflection device on the crankbait. The deflection of this bait is what causes the big Smallmouth Bass in Dale Hollow Lake to react. It resembles a big crawfish or shad being nervous and darting very quickly. Often when anglers are targeting the Smallmouth Bass in the clear water of Dale Hollow Lake, in the springtime they will throw more crawfish colored squarebill crankbaits. Crawfish are a perfect meal to Smallmouth Bass in the springtime and provide the essential proteins and nutrients the fish need to have added strength and warmth in the cooler temperatures. It also helps them have the added proteins they need when preparing for the upcoming spawn.  

How CBD Helps Anglers

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