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Revital Outdoors carries best in class premium CBD products and it all starts with our process

Step 1: Best in Class Farming

Revital regards the cultivation of our hemp as the cornerstone of our whole business. This is where it all begins.

Our hemp is exclusively cultivated in the USA using best in class farming practices. Starting with nutrient rich soil preparation and an all-natural proprietary growing process that is, enables us to avoid the use of herbicides and pesticides. Our hemp is grown in a way that maximizes cannabinoid and terpene production so that our products are the best on the market.

Our harvest team handles the plant in a very controlled, delicate method that allows minimal loss of the flower profile prior to being processed.

Step 2: Curing the Hemp Flower

Our plants are dried using best in class methods that preserve cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Once dried, it is carefully packed and stored in a climate-controlled environment.

Step 3: Extraction

We have partnered with the finest extraction facility in the country. This facility is cGMP compliant meaning they follow the highest standards for manufacturing.

Our partners use a proprietary supercritical CO2 hemp extraction and purification process. This process preserves the beneficial phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, resulting in the highest quality broad/full spectrum oil on the market.

We know CBD Isolate is great, but research suggests having other cannabinoids present has compounding benefits. The process our partners use carefully keeps the other beneficial cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN to create a best-in-class Broad Spectrum product. Our full spectrum products, meaning it includes THC, is either kept in this process or refined out in the next step.

Step 4: Refining

This step in our partners manufacturing process refines the oil to remove traces of THC from our broad-spectrum oils (but not our full spectrum oils). THC is the cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant that many associate with getting “high”.

Trace amounts of THC, wax, plant pigments, and chlorophyll are removed in the refining process. The oil is then washed and polished.

Please look at our lab reports to see that all trace amounts of THC (0.0%) have been removed from our broad-spectrum oils.

Step 5: Third-Party Lab Testing

Every batch of product is third-party tested by best-in-class facilities in America. Each of our products includes a QR code to link lab reports that test for the following:

  • Microbial: E. coli, yeast, and mold
  • Potency: measures the cannabinoid content of the oil to ensure what we claim is what you get
  • Heavy Metals: Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, and Cadmium
  • Pesticides: 60 different pesticides in total

Step 6: Nano Emulsion Technology

Our softgel product line requires an extra step in processing, known as nano emulsion. Nano emulsion is a proprietary process our partners use to transform the raw hemp oil into nano-sized emulsions. If each molecule cluster was the size of a basketball before nano emulsion, then it would be the size of a sesame seed after nano emulsion.

Why does this matter? Well, it exponentially increases the bioavailability (or absorption rate). This makes our product more efficient, ultimately meaning you can receive the same benefits using a lesser quantity. It is a big deal.

Step 7: World Class Customer Service

This is where the fun begins! Serving the great outdoors enthusiasts of this country by helping them focus on their passion!