Where to find CBD in Jacksonville

Looking for CBD near Jacksonville, FL? Consider Revital Outdoors! Unfortunately, we don’t have a storefront location in this Florida town yet. However, we do offer free shipping on orders over $50 to our Jacksonville customers who still want naturally-derived hemp CBD products. Just visit our online shop and see first-hand all of the CBD products we offer.

Why Revital Outdoors?

At Revital Outdoors, we strive to make buying CBD easy because we truly believe in how powerful these products are and what they can do to improve your health and well-being. Additionally, we want to engage our customers on how to use these products to their advantage. Therefore, we want to share what you should look for in any CBD product and what makes Revital Outdoors products unique.

Products to try from Revital Outdoors:

CBD 101

What is CBD?

If you’re new to CBD, don’t worry. We want to educate you on CBD and what good looks like so you can make the best decision when it comes to your health. CBD is a compound in the hemp plant that promotes a healthy body and mind. Revital Outdoors Premium CBD products contains the optimal amount of CBD to promote homeostasis within your body.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is just one of over 80 such compounds in the cannabis plant. As you ingest these compounds, they interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) and promote stable equilibrium in the body, or homeostasis.

What is Broad-Spectrum?

You’ll notice at Revital Outdoors that all of our products are broad-spectrum. You might be wondering what that means. Let’s break it down:

Broad-spectrum CBD removes all traces of the THC cannabinoid. This means there is no (0.0%) THC in our products. However, it does keep all the other beneficial cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, and CBN. Each of these compounds has a particular effect on the human body. When multiple beneficial cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes work together to interact with the brain’s receptors, the effect produced is the entourage effect. Revital Outdoors Premium broad-spectrum CBD products provide results greater than just one compound working alone.

How does CBD relate to me?

If you’re an avid outdoorsman, you might be wondering how CBD can help you.

CBD may help:

  • Support joint and muscle function.
  • Support a good night’s sleep.
  • Promote healthy skin.
  • Support post-workout recovery.
  • Promote internal balance.
  • Maintain a relaxed mood.

The Revital Outdoors Difference

We understand that there are multiple CBD companies to purchase from these days. So, you might be left to wonder, why should I purchase from Revital Outdoors? Our products speak for themselves, but here are some reasons to trust us.

Our Products are made with High-Quality Ingredients

1. We know how important it is to live healthfully. This is why we make our products with completely natural products without harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Our CBD Oil is Broad Spectrum

2. Our products are lab tested to ensure they’re broad-spectrum. This means you are not only getting cannabinoids in our CBD products but you are also getting terpenes and flavonoids, so our products are even better for you than CBD alone.

Our products contain no THC

3. Our products are made with hemp plants, and we go the extra mile to remove traces of THC. Lab reports have shown no detectable levels of THC in our products. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any intoxicating side effects and just enjoy the natural, safe, healthy benefits of real hemp CBD.

Best Fishing Spots in Jacksonville, FL

As you can imagine, fishing is readily assessable in Florida. Here are the top places to go fishing in Jacksonville, Florida.

  • St. Johns River
  • Trout, Redfish, Spanish Mackerel, Sheepshead, Black Drum, Jacks, Tarpon, Flounder, and other Inshore saltwater fish.
  • Intracoastal Waterway
  • Jacksonville Beach Pier
  • The Nassau Sound Fishing Bridge
  • Guana River Wildlife Management Area

Places to visit in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

  • With over 2,400 rare and exotic animals and 1,000 varieties of plants, you’ll enjoy the experience the Jacksonville Zoo offers through interactions with people, wildlife, and the environment.

Little Talbot Island

  • If you’re a fishing enthusiast, you can probably catch flounder, sheepshead, and more.

St. Johns Town Center

  • There are over ½ million square feet of shopping with 175+ retailers and 20+ restaurants.