Where to find CBD in Caldwell

Looking for CBD near Caldwell, ID? Consider Revital Outdoors! Currently, you can shop our products at Adams Family Tackle in Caldwell, Idaho. Additionally, we offer FREE shipping on orders $50+. Just visit our online shop and see first-hand all of the CBD products we offer. Plus, check out our blog section if you’re new to CBD and still unsure about which product is right for you.

Adams Family Tackle

Adams Family Tackle

823 Specht Ave Ste 11

Caldwell, Idaho 83605

If you’re in the Caldwell, ID area, you can find our Premium CBD products at Adams Family Tackle located using the address above or map to the left. They also offer a variety of tackle and accessories for your day on the water.

What is Revital Outdoors?

Revital Outdoors was founded in 2021 by CEO, Kyle Smith. He was inspired to launch Revital Outdoors after his dad found and experienced the effects that CBD had on his life. Kyle’s father is an avid white-tail deer hunter but after significant shoulder and knee surgeries, his physical performance wasn’t at its peak. That’s when he started to take CBD and notice the effects it had on his overall wellbeing. Then, Kyle was able to visually notice the changes in his dad’s overall mood and performance. That’s when the wheels started to turn in his head. Kyle then took the leap of faith and left his engineering corporate role, to pursue his true passion – helping fellow outdoor enthusiasts revitalize their passions for the outdoors.

Where to purchase Premium CBD:

As you may have seen, the CBD industry is growing vastly and it seems there is a new shop popping up on every corner. However, it’s important to note that the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate a ton in terms of packaging versus the actual product. With that being said, some companies are able to get away with a non-compliance product or website. Therefore, it’s important to find a company that you can respect and trust. You should look for transparency, third-party lab testing, and real customer testimonials before deciding to purchase from a CBD company. Another easy sign to look for is active social media accounts whether that be Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. But, the most important piece is finding a company that offers third-party lab testing with links to the actual Certificates of Analysis, or reports. If they don’t offer this, we recommend looking for a company that does.

At Revital Outdoors, we ensure our product is 100% transparent and honest from the start. Each of our Premium CBD products undergoes rigorous third-party testing to ensure quality and potency of the product. As always, you can find this information directly on the Revital Outdoors’ product by scanning the QR code, or on the website underneath the specific broad-spectrum product.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us here.

Revital Outdoor’s Process to Premium CBD:

Our process starts way before we list the product for sell online, it starts right at farming and cultivation. Our hemp products are exclusively cultivated in the USA using only the best-in-class practices. We start using nutrient-rich soil to being preparation complete with an all-natural growing process that allows us to avoid the use of any herbicides and pesticides. Therefore, we’re able to maximize on the cannabinoid and terpene production, making our product one of the best on the market. We have a very detailed seven step process to make our CBD one of the best on the market.

Read more about our processes here.

What does Nano-Emulsified Mean?

Knowing the oil and water don’t mix, it’s important to remember that the human body is made up of about 60% water. Therefore, CBD oil has a little difficulty absorbing into the bloodstream. Thus, decreasing the bioavailability of most CBD products available on the market. But, what is bioavailability? It’s defined as “the proportion of a drug or other substance which enters the circulation when introduced to the body and so is able to have an active effect.” This is important when you factor in CBD. If the body is 60% water, intaking CBD oil will not produce a great result because not all of the product will make its way into the bloodstream. Whether you’re taking CBD in a tincture, capsule, or cream, it’s important to understand that you’re not getting as much CBD as you might think.

That was until nano-emulsion came about and revolutionized the CBD market forever. Essentially, all that means is that the CBD molecules are broken down to be much smaller to be more easily absorbed by the body to take effect even quicker.

Read more about nano-emulsion here.