Where to Buy CBD in Texas

Texas is home for 29.1 million residents and is contained within the 268,596 square miles. It’s no secret that Texas is huge, which means the opportunity for hunting and fishing are also widespread. In fact, the King Ranch in Texas is bigger than the entire state of Rhode Island. Texas is also home to the nation’s largest herd of whitetail deer. On the contrary, Caddo Lake is the only natural lake within the state. However, looking for CBD local to you? Whether you are a Lone Star State native or a new resident, you may not know where to go to buy CBD. Let’s also discuss if CBD is legal in Texas.

At this time, Revital Outdoors doesn’t have a storefront location in the Texas region. However, we do offer free shipping on all orders over $50. Therefore, you get Premium CBD products to your door in no time.

If you’re on the hunt for CBD in Texas, one of your biggest questions may be whether it’s even legal. So, let’s dive into the legalities of CBD in Texas.

In short, the answer is yes. If you purchase CBD extracted from hemp plants, you are not breaking any laws. Your CBD much be extracted from hemp with less than three percent THC by weight. However, patients with a medical marijuana license can purchase CBD with higher levels of THC.

However, if you purchase CBD from Revital Outdoors, our products contain 0.0% THC so you can be assured that your CBD is legal in Texas.

Why Revital Outdoors?

We believe that Revital Outdoors stands out amongst competition. Given that all of our products are broad-spectrum, we make sure that we only deliver the best to our consumers. Broad-spectrum means that we keep all the beneficial parts of the plant: cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The only thing we remove is THC, which is a costly manufacturing step. Additionally, our products are made with high-quality ingredients because we know the importance of knowing exactly what’s going into your body.

Revital Outdoors offers better absorption. You’ll get results faster with smaller amounts because our softgels and gummies, which are soluble in water, can be absorbed at a rate that is two times higher than most tincture oils. Therefore, it takes twice as much of the oil-based product made by our competitor to achieve the same results.

Where Can You Buy Revital Outdoors CBD in Texas?

At this time, we don’t have a store front location in the Lone Star State. However, we do offer free shipping on orders $50 or more. This means, you can have your premium CBD shipped directly to your door in no time.

Take advantage of our subscribe and save program. We offer a discount of 20% off our products when you enroll. Your Premium CBD will be shipped to your door each month, meaning you never have to run out! Simply add your favorite products to your cart and choose the subscribe and save option. You’ll be automatically enrolled within the program and never have to worry about it anymore. If this is your first time trying out CBD, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to our customers so they can try the product risk-free.

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Best Hunting Spots in Texas

When you think of Texas, you might think of the wide opens land that are perfect for finding amazing hunting holes within each region of the state. The Texas Hill Country is known for its vast amount of hunting land. If you’re in this region, you’ll have a plethora of options to chose from when it comes to hunting. You’ll find tons of private deer hunting leases for you to pick from. There is a bag limit of 5 deer with no more than 2 bucks in the Texas Hill Country per year due to the abundance of deer in this area of Texas. In the southern region of Texas, there is also amazing spots to pick from. This area is ranked 3rd in deer population. You’ll want to find the right lease/ranch for your excursion and book directly with the owner.

Piney Woods is located in East Texas and covers approximately 15-million acres. It’s thickly wooded so it gives you the opportunity for optimal deer hunting spots. This area is loaded with whitetail deer, you’ll definitely be happy if that’s what you’re looking for.

Most of Texas hunting land is on deer leases where you’ll have to research and find the perfect location and guided hunt to your liking. Due to this, we haven’t listed specific leases. If you have any recommendations for us, please let us know below – we’d love to add them to this page!

Best Fishing Spots in Texas